Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Paper! New doodles! New Friends

Okay - I broke down and bought new paper! I was home where all my paper is stored and forgot to grab a single sheet! Feels good to be sketching again - I love so many forms for makin' stuff that I do get a little overwhelmed.

This is just a bit of fan-art from Final Fantasy XIV - be prepared for more of it! I made tons of doodles from The Saga of Ryzom... just like to give something back to the community and to friends and total strangers <3 These two are my good friends Doki and Pia <-- wonderful new buddies who make me smile everyday... the least I can do is send them a sketch!

Back at'cha soon with more dolls and pencilings!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Bro

Bosch - a little monster guy I made awhile ago - found a home with a wonderful woman with the name of Winnie - who has become so enamored with him - that she desired I create a few more of Bosch - trouble is - I can't. I've never been able to create the same exact thing twice - not even sketching... not even with a light box and the original next to me - I always see new ways to go - new lines to focus on - new ways to move the fabric...

So Bosch now has brothers - Bros who wear shoes:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feathers, Fur and Glue, oh my

Busy working on new stuff...
Someone told me my work reminded them of The Dark Crystal and Maurice Sendak's work. Could I be more flattered? I think not!

Art Dolls Only is having another doll making challenge - I think I might just have to take part!

Back to work I get!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mini Muses!

Okay - I haven't worked the little books out yet- most of paper in in another state... truth is - I ran out and am too cheap to buy more when I know I have it piled in portfolios.... so drawing has had to take a side seat.... but man oh man do I have faux fur!

And without anymore ramblings:

A sneak peek at some mini StoryKeepers:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Drat! Late again!

I think this is the longest gap in my blog to date! I am so sorry, my adoring fans (mom, dad and grandma) - I've been distracted - but I'm back on course!

The dragon, sadly, is unfinished... I have him half done - but each time I look at him I think 'who the heck needs a two foot dragon sculpture in their house?' and i put it aside to work on something else.

What, you ask?

A collection of tiny tiny dolls - reactionary I suppose, but cute! And oh'so'much fun! These little guys are my latest incarnation of StoryKeepers - a group of little story muses who help inspire people to create such things as: travel guides, self help books and blogs.

I think at the tallest they're about 2.5 inches - I think the size will be much easier for people to live with and allows me more flexibly as well.

I'll take photos of them as soon as I've finished them up... I want each to have a little book.... and I'm still working out just how to do that right.

Promise you though - by next week - you'll be over run with updates and images!

Love to you all! See you soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Auria Windwaker

Just a quick post and photo before I start work on my first dragon. Now that I type that word it makes some sense... the strange dragon dream I had last night... a long conversation with a HUGE ancient beast with really horrid hind claws. Hmm... maybe that is why Auria is an interpreter of dreams... maybe her obsession with strange varieties of rice points to my desire for lunch...

Food THEN dragon making - 'cause the house will be full of fur and feathers soon enough <-- and those aren't food!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beatrix Doongara...

This poor little adorable creature is my attempt to create a 'simple' doll. I just couldn't NOT give her arms... and she had to have feet - and ears and then a cute little shape. I don't think I can simplify my works without creating craft and not art. <-- do I flatter myself? Maybe a bit.

I do love her size - though it is so much easier to work larger ~12" ... Beatrix is a little over 8". She has a little functional backpack filled with little pages... I adore her little head of hair!

Must get back to work!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Decently Decent

Greetings, friends!

It's muggy here once more - which makes sketching troublesome... but I would not be stopped and many decently decent images were produced. I must admit sometimes I imagine my work being in books... but I also love the idea of it being scattered about the world - not even myself recalling all that I've made. <3 I think I like that idea even more!

I now have dolls in four countries and art in a few more than that! Oh I love creating things!

though... not if that thing is a 'artist statement' I just feel the whole idea just doesn't apply to my works or to me... maybe if I sat down and really worked at it... but it seems so much easier just to sketch something out and say: 'see. This is what I do. Really... there isn't anything else to it.. to me. I just want to make simple. pretty. things.... that, I hope, make other people just as happy as they make me.'

Though... it would be nice if I were to understand exactly what to do with all that I create.

Best get me back to work!

New stuff up on the Etsy!

Back soon <3

Monday, August 30, 2010

One Fuzzy Moogle

As previously mentioned: It's Moogle Time!

I've been meaning to make one of these guys for a long time now... Very pleased with how he turned out - always a fun process when you have a goal in mind... Most of my creatures and dolls just happen. Sure! I sketch up ideas, but I never know what I'm really going to end up with. It's part of the joy, no? Not... that I was exactly sure how he was going to turn out - I only just worked out his nose today.

So... what next? Oh-ho! I have ideas.... of course - lets see what comes of them... let us hope: Many things.

'till next time!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mogs and Moogles, Oh My!

Was going to set about making a Moggle today... thought I'd share a doodle of him before I began making a doll. They're a strange little creatures from the world(s) of Final Fantasy (a video game series) - sort of a teddy bear crossed with a bat and dosed with whimsy. I think I'm going to make an 'old fashioned' Moogle and go with a red poof atop his/her/its head.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Monster(s)

Using what I learned from making all those Hungry Monsters... I thought I'd try making me own troop of cute furry creatures... this is the first of (I hope) a few. I do have a rather extensive collection of faux furs and I can't wait to see what I make next... I wonder what it will be... I hope it's maroon... I have aLOT of maroon fur.

This little dude has the usual posable bits - legs, arms, neck, arms... but with the added ears and err... um... fuzzy horn antenna...

Hugs and hellos to all out there - back soon with more monsters!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long overdue...

Oh goodness - I'm sorry - I puttered off without so much as a word. But England was my distraction and it was awesome! Of course - I didn't see ALL of it... but I did ride a great number of miles on a good number of trains, so I saw just about all the rails that run from the East to the West.... and I was able to see the edge of Dartmoor <-- the landscape/area that inspired Brian Froud's Faeries... though I didn't see a copy of this book until I was in my 20's... and I'm not sure how or when a copy ended up in my collection - though I was happy to see it when I went home to visit my books...errrr.. I mean family. (love you, guys!) ... I think I learned more about this particular tome listening to the man himself at FaerieCon a few years back. And then I had to know more and then of course - I had to go there. I must have mentioned it one too many times because when the chance came up family and friends all but tossed me on a plane.

I now have pledged to become the TOTAL expert on Dartmoor. I only saw its sheep poo covered edge and I am so in love I fear I may have to move to England.

Well... I should probably get back to the monsters I'm making (photos to follow).

Be back sooooon! Promise.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doll Pair Ideas

I'm sure I'm not the only one in a sea of heat... it makes sketching and sculpting almost impossible with the added humidity... but I managed one page of ideas before the paper began to melt...

I can't wait to start... I loved how Alice and the Gryphon worked out and such a blast with the whole project/event/etc that I just want to keep making these pairs. I'll probably not be able to work for a few days on them... but I have projects... paint related.

Back to work I goooo!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gryphon and Alice (of Wonderland)

Thanks so much for allowing me to participate, ADO! I had a wonderful time creating them.
Oh! I also put together a slideshow of more photos of the pair. (and a few 'making of' images) Enjoy!

Ready for more adventures with Alice? <--- click me! (return to the ADO blog)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gryphon done! On to Alice...

So I've one Gryphon finished - though the mess was great - it was well worth it (feathers and fur - oh my!). And I think a small Alice to accompany him is totally in order.... and I'll get to use that lace that nice lady at the garage sale last month gave me just for saying 'why yes - I do know who could use this overflowing bag of art supplies - me!' I love free stuff. Thanks, nice lady!

I don't want to post the finished Gryphon until it's time (the 7th... I think) and then it'll be him and the wee little Alice. But here he is mid sculpt... well, he's almost done here... He looks a little like some baddies from a certain movie... But he only has two arms... maybe I'll make one of those later.... OOOooo new project!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eip! I'm late for a very important date

Just signed up for for a doll creating blog event (see sidebar)! I now I've only have a few days! (dolls must go up on the 8th) But how could I pass up this opportunity? I'd best get to work... but what character(s) to make!? So very many wonderful options.... I'm already thinking: Griffin... but I've always loved the Mock Turtle... I'll have to remind myself not to make one of the more obscure characters - like Cook "More Pepper!!!" I - of course- instantly thought of making the Fish-Footman... Oh! Or March Hare.... of course there's always.... but then there's... and let us not forget....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fantastic Flier Friday

Updated my site just a little yesterday and scanned up the sketchbook today... a little polish before Nineveh goes up.

I finished my last commission and am now once again at the 'what now' threshold...

I'm thinking advertising - oh! Nothing fancy... but maybe I might have more business if more people knew I existed... <__<' it's just a thought. I can make -just- about anything... or at least attempt it! <-- that's not totally true. I couldn't make a posable Avatar doll, for example. I just wouldn't be happy with it - wouldn't want to sell it.

So - I'm thinking about posting fliers - maybe see if there are any places downtown that might be interested in my work on their walls or in their shops. This is Burlington Vermont after all - I would hope it would be all about the handmade (stuff).

Well - I should get back to work. Hope all is well - see you next week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

work - thoughts - more work

I'm about to sit myself down to that commission for a friend (another Hungry Monster), but I wanted to share this image of the fairy doll I've named Harp. I was uploading her to Etsy when my email got hit with two rejection notices from stores/groups that sell/promote OOAK dolls. I fear I really am missing some key part to the craft of doll making as well. Goodness... what ever am I to do with myself?!

Keep working I guess - or find something else to do with my life... But I fear I'll always want to be doing -this-! If I'm not creating something - art, stories, plants, dolls, food, websites... I go a bit mad (or would that be madder?)

See you lovelies later - I'm off to cover the house with orange faux fur!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fairies and Flowers and Fluff, oh my!

Oh man - I've made a mess of the living room again. And the bedroom has been struck as well (though that usually suffers - as it's where all my art supplies/fabric is stored)... I can't even see my desk for all the project remnants.

But all of that seems like a good thing - it means.. or can mean... progress! Well... maybe just a mess in this case.

Despite my constant working this week - really... I don't even break to eat something (I've been trying to get better at that), I don't have much to show for it. Two and a half finished dolls. But I'm really rather pleased with them - not that I'm not completely enamored with Cedric and Bosch and Bridget... but these two ladies turned out rather well as well.

Oh! some video/slide shows I made that you might want to check out are here:

Process of creating Fragments of Nineveh / Fragments of Nineveh / and doll creation - Skeleton and Sculpey

Well I'd better go straighten up this house! Hope you've a great weekend/day/evening :)

Next week I'm focusing on a monster commission - editing the story and painting some more images for Etsy.... Oh! And sprucing up my website - People might be coming! Wheeee

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whee! Done - well, almost!

I did it! I'm done! HAzzah and a yay! That was fun - what's next? Oh, right - editing the story - but that'll be fun too... maybe less fun, but so totally needed - I really should call on the power that is my mother - who has an awesome understanding of a the English language - something she did not pass on to this lady - no sir. The fact that even half my words are spelled correctly is a minor miracle and the word grammar isn't even in my vocabulary.

Oh! Do forgive my whine the other day (and thank you, Laura for the encouragement).

Back to work I go :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Piles of paper!

I think I'm done... well, one away from done - the show will be 33 images + title sheet. ;) Have to have one of those, yeah? I bet it's going to look great... I hope it will - I will it to be -etc etc and back to work!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Poster - Circles - Back to work!

Whipped up a poster for the show - and now I have a date to go with it! Wheeee!

Can I just toss out an: Ug - ? I've been looking around at other doll makers and the ones that seem truly successful at it are making creep'tastic half rotted children (but no where as cool as Hela - but she was no kid- nor some exhumed circus performer) or mostly naked fairy chicks. <-- they're about as much 'faerie' as I am German - way back in the day - sure - some of my family was German - and maybe - long ago - the naked fairy dolls family might have been supernatural and awesome - but she's as good as a pinup girl with wings.

Of course - I could just be jaded. Wait, no I am jaded. And confused... I am certainly aware that what I create is probably for a very niche group of people - but I worry - does this group even exist? You, my 6 (maybe) 7 readers... you'll back me up here ;)

I do sell a few things and many many many thanks for those out there that make this silly little artist stop running in her circles of self doubt.

I'll just go back to making monsters and creatures and strange little friends... Oh! and those illustrations I should have been working on ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June... already?

I'm not sure if I'm one for words today... how about a image of one of my new dolls? I hope to get to make a few more by the end of the week - but I might finish up a few more images for the show - I've 29 finished images at the moment.

I wish I could recall how many I've had up in this space before... I had various sizes in the past - but not this time - I'd best make some more, eh? Well - back to work!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

considering restructuring...

So I've made a few changes to the form of the show - if not the theme. I had planned to create dolls - a book - and illustrations - all to be shown at the lovely Webster's Bookstore Café this July... but along the way the prospect of less than 30 illustrations all 8x10 - became, to my mind, insufficient. So now I've plans to make no less than 33 - maybe more. I'm not showing dolls - not the right location... and a strange item anyway.... and I don't think I'll have the little book/booklet either.

Firstly - between all the words sketches and illustrations - we're not looking at a little thing any longer. And sure - I could just edit it down... but I don't honestly have very good printing options... and I'm a brat. If I make 100 images - I want to at least have 60 in there - and we're looking more like 20 might fit with the words - which, again, I could cut down - but why - when the end result won't even look that good - at lot of work for something that people may have no interest in...

And with that thought - what if they do? They HAVE to buy my little silly book to find out whats going on in the illustrations? Not really my style. I hadn't really thought about it at the time. Granted I doubt more than half a dozen people - mostly friends - will have their interest even slightly piqued and they probably wouldn't begrudge me the 5 dollars I was thinking of asking - it will have taken me a good few months to have put together! And I was going to illustrate every cover - or make a really big stamp and print each cover...

I really am an economic dead end... but I digress...

So now my plan - and I think it's a good one - is to create either a webpage or a pdf... probably both - for people to download - if they want. The show is in a web friendly location after all! What better thing to do? Heck! Might get people to go to my site! Wheee! And then they can see the dolls - and other stuff I do - and maybe read my rambling blogs. I mean - I love to know what my favorite artists are doing. Oh! Look - see - there goes my head again. Well - allow me a little conceit (though I've only 23 penciled images done at the moment) the show is looking good!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil work - Hazzah!

I am finished with the initial round of pencil work for the book - this still leaves all the large finished illustrations to pencil out - but it's still a good feeling... I've a walls worth of thumbnails.

Maybe one of you is thinking - what is the plan, E? The plan was to write the words - sketch out images specifically for the book and then finish up a collection of fully colored images. The idea behind it: Two characters - Gwenin and Nineveh go on a journey to see their world... Gwenin writes and Nineveh sketches... so the book is the collection of the works of these two characters... translated respectfully by me.

The words and images are both needed to tell the whole story... more or less.

-the art on this post though... is more fan art for that video game... I promise - I'm only making such things with my free-time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May? - where did I leave April?!

I'm done with the story! I've now started the art part - and it just worked out that the art will have a much larger role in the story - wheee! Now lets see if I can back up/full fill my own 'vision'. I hope it all works out - it's all in my head- after all. o___@

Hope all is going well out there in the warming world!

(Oh! And the art is from the new obsession for my brain to ponder and pester me with - Final Fantasy 14 - I'm utterly in love. So... fan art will, once more, fill a few sheets of my languishing paper.)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

fragment of the Fragments of Nineveh

I think that this project is going to work out well - it'll take a good deal of sketching, painting and such - but I'm able - and then I'll have a book(ish thing)! Words that go with my pictures... It's kinda wonderful!

Will keep you updated!

Back soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Eden Edict

Okay - so I stick to this I am putting it in words and posting it to all seven of you lovely followers!

I hereby relinquish the solid black line... too long have I used it. Too long have I loved it. We must part ways - so: goodbye black outline - and hello new way of drawing.


back to work!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two new ladies...

I don't want to flatter myself too much - but allow me this: I am getting better at faces. And - may i add: I make strange things...
I can't wait to see what I make next week!

Oh - and I've been taking a little advice from the show: Project Runway and trying to work on a story of the character as I work... I'm - still working on it. I fear I'm much more of a visual person - things just 'feel' right... words rarely take part in what I do... I have to change that :)

I want stories with my characters... it's just - that I make so very many characters... and they can't exist in a void -where do they live? how do they live? who made their clothes? Is pink hair a normal hair color where they come from - where do they come from? Where are they going... I - errr- I'm working on it ;)

I'll be back with new creations - I'm thinking little monsters and I want to work on more 'doll pairs' - I imagine I can make stories between two characters and -that- interaction would be a little less to create than a whole world.. and I would still have a tale to tell...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

rainy days...

It was a weak art week, friends. I'll be back next week with a stronger showing - right now I'm putting together a story for a show in July. Building a world to explore makes many sketches - but few dolls. I'll get you some images of those in the coming week... as always.

Hope all is well out there and you're seeing a little more sun than I am.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A strange lot...

And now off to the post office with me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cedric the monster doll-imp-sprite-creature

I want to write something for you- I mean - give Cedric some context and make my blog more than just a photo collection... but I have to sprites waiting for meeeee... and I want to get to them while my little bit of sunlight is out.

Oh! I'll just steal what I wrote on my deviant art account: Cedric is my second attempt at a doll without a sculpted face - the first one was Marcus... Cedric though is clearly more related to my imps.

He is much lighter due to having almost no clay on his head (he has a little set of horns that are sort of lost in all the fuzz) and his big sprite-ish feet - he stands really well - I've also improved the neck/head connection... using two different wires.

I am, I think, over all happy... I want to start making some truly strange things soon... of course, I can't help myself - I am drawn ever to the cute and furry... but Cedric might be the last I make until I have some really odd creatures.

-back to work!