Sunday, May 16, 2010

considering restructuring...

So I've made a few changes to the form of the show - if not the theme. I had planned to create dolls - a book - and illustrations - all to be shown at the lovely Webster's Bookstore Café this July... but along the way the prospect of less than 30 illustrations all 8x10 - became, to my mind, insufficient. So now I've plans to make no less than 33 - maybe more. I'm not showing dolls - not the right location... and a strange item anyway.... and I don't think I'll have the little book/booklet either.

Firstly - between all the words sketches and illustrations - we're not looking at a little thing any longer. And sure - I could just edit it down... but I don't honestly have very good printing options... and I'm a brat. If I make 100 images - I want to at least have 60 in there - and we're looking more like 20 might fit with the words - which, again, I could cut down - but why - when the end result won't even look that good - at lot of work for something that people may have no interest in...

And with that thought - what if they do? They HAVE to buy my little silly book to find out whats going on in the illustrations? Not really my style. I hadn't really thought about it at the time. Granted I doubt more than half a dozen people - mostly friends - will have their interest even slightly piqued and they probably wouldn't begrudge me the 5 dollars I was thinking of asking - it will have taken me a good few months to have put together! And I was going to illustrate every cover - or make a really big stamp and print each cover...

I really am an economic dead end... but I digress...

So now my plan - and I think it's a good one - is to create either a webpage or a pdf... probably both - for people to download - if they want. The show is in a web friendly location after all! What better thing to do? Heck! Might get people to go to my site! Wheee! And then they can see the dolls - and other stuff I do - and maybe read my rambling blogs. I mean - I love to know what my favorite artists are doing. Oh! Look - see - there goes my head again. Well - allow me a little conceit (though I've only 23 penciled images done at the moment) the show is looking good!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil work - Hazzah!

I am finished with the initial round of pencil work for the book - this still leaves all the large finished illustrations to pencil out - but it's still a good feeling... I've a walls worth of thumbnails.

Maybe one of you is thinking - what is the plan, E? The plan was to write the words - sketch out images specifically for the book and then finish up a collection of fully colored images. The idea behind it: Two characters - Gwenin and Nineveh go on a journey to see their world... Gwenin writes and Nineveh sketches... so the book is the collection of the works of these two characters... translated respectfully by me.

The words and images are both needed to tell the whole story... more or less.

-the art on this post though... is more fan art for that video game... I promise - I'm only making such things with my free-time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May? - where did I leave April?!

I'm done with the story! I've now started the art part - and it just worked out that the art will have a much larger role in the story - wheee! Now lets see if I can back up/full fill my own 'vision'. I hope it all works out - it's all in my head- after all. o___@

Hope all is going well out there in the warming world!

(Oh! And the art is from the new obsession for my brain to ponder and pester me with - Final Fantasy 14 - I'm utterly in love. So... fan art will, once more, fill a few sheets of my languishing paper.)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

fragment of the Fragments of Nineveh

I think that this project is going to work out well - it'll take a good deal of sketching, painting and such - but I'm able - and then I'll have a book(ish thing)! Words that go with my pictures... It's kinda wonderful!

Will keep you updated!

Back soon!