Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long overdue...

Oh goodness - I'm sorry - I puttered off without so much as a word. But England was my distraction and it was awesome! Of course - I didn't see ALL of it... but I did ride a great number of miles on a good number of trains, so I saw just about all the rails that run from the East to the West.... and I was able to see the edge of Dartmoor <-- the landscape/area that inspired Brian Froud's Faeries... though I didn't see a copy of this book until I was in my 20's... and I'm not sure how or when a copy ended up in my collection - though I was happy to see it when I went home to visit my books...errrr.. I mean family. (love you, guys!) ... I think I learned more about this particular tome listening to the man himself at FaerieCon a few years back. And then I had to know more and then of course - I had to go there. I must have mentioned it one too many times because when the chance came up family and friends all but tossed me on a plane.

I now have pledged to become the TOTAL expert on Dartmoor. I only saw its sheep poo covered edge and I am so in love I fear I may have to move to England.

Well... I should probably get back to the monsters I'm making (photos to follow).

Be back sooooon! Promise.

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