Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eip! I'm late for a very important date

Just signed up for for a doll creating blog event (see sidebar)! I now I've only have a few days! (dolls must go up on the 8th) But how could I pass up this opportunity? I'd best get to work... but what character(s) to make!? So very many wonderful options.... I'm already thinking: Griffin... but I've always loved the Mock Turtle... I'll have to remind myself not to make one of the more obscure characters - like Cook "More Pepper!!!" I - of course- instantly thought of making the Fish-Footman... Oh! Or March Hare.... of course there's always.... but then there's... and let us not forget....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fantastic Flier Friday

Updated my site just a little yesterday and scanned up the sketchbook today... a little polish before Nineveh goes up.

I finished my last commission and am now once again at the 'what now' threshold...

I'm thinking advertising - oh! Nothing fancy... but maybe I might have more business if more people knew I existed... <__<' it's just a thought. I can make -just- about anything... or at least attempt it! <-- that's not totally true. I couldn't make a posable Avatar doll, for example. I just wouldn't be happy with it - wouldn't want to sell it.

So - I'm thinking about posting fliers - maybe see if there are any places downtown that might be interested in my work on their walls or in their shops. This is Burlington Vermont after all - I would hope it would be all about the handmade (stuff).

Well - I should get back to work. Hope all is well - see you next week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

work - thoughts - more work

I'm about to sit myself down to that commission for a friend (another Hungry Monster), but I wanted to share this image of the fairy doll I've named Harp. I was uploading her to Etsy when my email got hit with two rejection notices from stores/groups that sell/promote OOAK dolls. I fear I really am missing some key part to the craft of doll making as well. Goodness... what ever am I to do with myself?!

Keep working I guess - or find something else to do with my life... But I fear I'll always want to be doing -this-! If I'm not creating something - art, stories, plants, dolls, food, websites... I go a bit mad (or would that be madder?)

See you lovelies later - I'm off to cover the house with orange faux fur!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fairies and Flowers and Fluff, oh my!

Oh man - I've made a mess of the living room again. And the bedroom has been struck as well (though that usually suffers - as it's where all my art supplies/fabric is stored)... I can't even see my desk for all the project remnants.

But all of that seems like a good thing - it means.. or can mean... progress! Well... maybe just a mess in this case.

Despite my constant working this week - really... I don't even break to eat something (I've been trying to get better at that), I don't have much to show for it. Two and a half finished dolls. But I'm really rather pleased with them - not that I'm not completely enamored with Cedric and Bosch and Bridget... but these two ladies turned out rather well as well.

Oh! some video/slide shows I made that you might want to check out are here:

Process of creating Fragments of Nineveh / Fragments of Nineveh / and doll creation - Skeleton and Sculpey

Well I'd better go straighten up this house! Hope you've a great weekend/day/evening :)

Next week I'm focusing on a monster commission - editing the story and painting some more images for Etsy.... Oh! And sprucing up my website - People might be coming! Wheeee

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whee! Done - well, almost!

I did it! I'm done! HAzzah and a yay! That was fun - what's next? Oh, right - editing the story - but that'll be fun too... maybe less fun, but so totally needed - I really should call on the power that is my mother - who has an awesome understanding of a the English language - something she did not pass on to this lady - no sir. The fact that even half my words are spelled correctly is a minor miracle and the word grammar isn't even in my vocabulary.

Oh! Do forgive my whine the other day (and thank you, Laura for the encouragement).

Back to work I go :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Piles of paper!

I think I'm done... well, one away from done - the show will be 33 images + title sheet. ;) Have to have one of those, yeah? I bet it's going to look great... I hope it will - I will it to be -etc etc and back to work!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Poster - Circles - Back to work!

Whipped up a poster for the show - and now I have a date to go with it! Wheeee!

Can I just toss out an: Ug - ? I've been looking around at other doll makers and the ones that seem truly successful at it are making creep'tastic half rotted children (but no where as cool as Hela - but she was no kid- nor some exhumed circus performer) or mostly naked fairy chicks. <-- they're about as much 'faerie' as I am German - way back in the day - sure - some of my family was German - and maybe - long ago - the naked fairy dolls family might have been supernatural and awesome - but she's as good as a pinup girl with wings.

Of course - I could just be jaded. Wait, no I am jaded. And confused... I am certainly aware that what I create is probably for a very niche group of people - but I worry - does this group even exist? You, my 6 (maybe) 7 readers... you'll back me up here ;)

I do sell a few things and many many many thanks for those out there that make this silly little artist stop running in her circles of self doubt.

I'll just go back to making monsters and creatures and strange little friends... Oh! and those illustrations I should have been working on ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June... already?

I'm not sure if I'm one for words today... how about a image of one of my new dolls? I hope to get to make a few more by the end of the week - but I might finish up a few more images for the show - I've 29 finished images at the moment.

I wish I could recall how many I've had up in this space before... I had various sizes in the past - but not this time - I'd best make some more, eh? Well - back to work!