Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sprites incoming...

Created three imps and a doll... all and all a good few days. I am so pleased with how these imps have turned out - I know I've said it before - but they are little limbed creatures endowed with so many of the features that I find so ascetically wonderful and endearing.

I love creating things I am pleased with. To sit back and look into their simple little faces and get to say: Hello.

I think it is something I've always wanted to do - and now I'm doing it. Creating things with worlds and stories all their own - maybe I always have - but there is something so wonderful to creating something with hands and weight. To be able to touch and sit with. I hope that doesn't sound mad. I don't think them real - but that they have a physical presence you can't deny me. In fact, I'd love to make enough creatures to sit surrounded but little pointy eared creatures- as though I'd crawled into one of my own sketches... and to some degree isn't that what I'm doing? I think I would create my army just for that. I wonder what others would see... coming up to a table decorated with sticks and branches and an army of strange little things.... I suppose it would greatly depend on the crowd. I am well aware that what I create can be considered a little bit strange - but lords on toast - why would I want to create what everyone else has made before me? Teddy bears? Bambi! NO. I shall have to continue under the ire and dismissal of so many - but I find more and more people who like what I do - who love it, even. For you I shall keep the glue heated and the wire cut.

Back next week with Sprites and wee monsters. I love -love- love the imps - but I think I've made enough for now. They're wonderful and great fun - but I think I need new faces.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Imp Increase

I fear these little guys are getting larger.... And they were already the size of a small cat! I have trouble with keeping things delicate - I really like making things TOUGH and tough means BIG in my head - today I shall attempt to make a delicate - petite little creature.

That said - check out the size of the horns on this guy! He's the biggest yet! I should take a picture of him beside the first one...

Ah! I hear the oven has preheated - another imp on the way! Take care out there :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cometh!

For the first time in well over... you know, I don't want to think how long it has been... I ran around outside with no shoes on my feet. Bliss! I'm sure I'm scaring the ladies who share this building with us... what with my spray painting the lawn three shades of not green... the literal cloud of faux fur that is now scattered across said lawn and now my wandering around outside with no shoes sculpting an imp. At least I'm harmless, right? Just wait until I start decoration the outside of this apartment! -At least I live in Vermont now... a place where no one seems to notice the slightly irregular or the outright odd.

And so life has gotten just a bit more sunny and pleasant. My imps are growing in number and I'm but a few chapters away from the last piece of my first finished story! I think - maybe a little - I'm starting to relax. I've been so worried for so long about how I could 'make this work' - but it's what I must do and so I will do it. I wouldn't be able attempt any of this without the help of my loving friends and family and will -not- fail you.

Granted - success is total whimsy and a world overrun with strangely cute things... but each to their own, eh?



Friday, March 5, 2010

Of imps and sunshine and written things

I had wanted to set up an elaborate set up for my Etsy photos... but I think I like the sunshine more than I could ever care for a stark fully lit corner... that - and we simply don't have the space for setting up something properly... but I think I did justice to my work with these little images.

My sense of time is a wee bit off as I've been busy finishing up the first draft of my story!!!!!!!! <--- really. I'm allowed.

I've been working on this one in my head for ages... I know people say that sort of stuff. And I know now how they feel... I've hundreds and hundreds of pages of failed attempts to take on the story... I feel like it's one of my first attempts to paint in colors with oils... true monsters of paint and over worked failures.... I just get carried away and fail to make something worth looking at or, in this case, reading. I guess what I'm saying is - I had to learn how to edit. And I AM GOING TO FINISH~ Oh. So happy! It's nothing amazing - I assure you... the story itself... but the finishing. The having all these ideas and characters and places and things fall in words onto the paper - start to finish.... I am giddy... and often find myself writing when I meant to be doing something else.... like, updating my blog. <___< or my Etsy... on to which I just added a few new things - including this imp: E'oh.

Back to work I go!