Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer, oh sweet summer

The Alice show is coming along nicely. I'm waiting for the ink to dry on the pendants and today it is cool enough to sculpt. I also finished up the remaining wooden ovals with some of the unused thumbnails I'd sketched out for the Alice show. Including the, though I say it, rather cute image of the Mad Hatter with the many hats and the tea cup atop the pile.

The last few days I've spent sitting and looking at reference pictures... *flexes*

I'd say more, but I must get me back to work. See you next week!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend? Where'd you go?

This last week I spent mostly in the Creative Oasis writing and working out what I wanted to do for this next show. I am much pleased with the idea of painting classic scenes from Alice in Wonderland. I have 9 frames left (unless something sells at the CO between now and then) so it will be a 9 piece show.

I've re-read Alice and picked out some scenes, all of them the favorites... though there are some good between scenes that can get a little forgotten... it seems to me to defeat the purpose if I plan drawing from a beloved classic source to do the least remembered scenes.

I plan on having a dark haired and eyed Alice, modeled after the original Alice - Alice Liddell. Really, in the book he gives very little physical description of Alice, other than her constantly changing height - of course... At the end of the book he mentions that her hair is ever falling in her face, but really it is her character not her form that is important. Still, I thought it might be nice to try and work a little history into the illustrations as a whole. And... who wants to go up against both Tenniel AND Disney? Pfft.

See you next week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday before the next Sunday

So my next media/design/plan, have I mentioned this... necklaces? I'm gathering up the bits right now to make one of a kind hand painted pendants. I have (what I hope will be) lovely wooden ovals heading this way right now. Yay for Etsy/Artfire! This morning I found the perfect ribbon/necklaces for them. I could not be more pleased.... 20 color options and the come complete with lobster claw clasps! Wheeee! These are going to look sharp.

I'm also really pleased with where my pencil work has been going. I think making these dolls has been really good at working my real+fantasy cannons into one with a little more ease and detail.

Hope all is well with you lovelies!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

early morning update

I have always (mostly) loved doing what I do because I rarely have any idea of what I'll have when I'm done. No plan works out as I planned it and often by the time I'm done I'm not sure what that original idea instructed I do as it's grown into whatever it's become. I don't know what fun it would be if everything worked out just as visualized... wouldn't it just be like printing? Or maybe just an exercise in skill? I like what comes of my initial foggy concept.. my brain kinda works in clouds of color and perceived weight and space... I can't actually visualize faces, I know them more by movement and dimension... if that makes any sense...? It means I can't draw from memory with any accuracy, but I can get the 'feel' of something down on paper.

But enough on my faulty brain... back to work!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mid-day update

New commission time, yay!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new month and it is soooo green!

The weather outside is so lovely... I miss gardening. I've missed gardening for years, an ever present ache... but now, with the budding mornings, it's almost intolerable.

The word a day thing worked poorly for me. My words were rather weak... I need better ones. Not to blame the words... but the first word I pulled was windy... air flow is an almost constant in my work.. I have a few pages of ideas though, so it was hardly a waste of time. I think I'm going to try and focus more on the August show. I'll keep up the word thing, but I really need a solid goal to work towards, I'm already so vacuous that having too large an area to work in... and well, I get befuddled.

Working on, what I hope, is the last draft of the first story in my collection of short stories. I hope I can keep it under 100 pages >_<' I'm trying to be frugal, but I guess I really like words or something.

I plan on making some jewelry in the near future featuring some original tiny images. Shall keep you posted in that regard. More stuff shall be posted to Etsy in the near future.