Friday, September 3, 2010

Decently Decent

Greetings, friends!

It's muggy here once more - which makes sketching troublesome... but I would not be stopped and many decently decent images were produced. I must admit sometimes I imagine my work being in books... but I also love the idea of it being scattered about the world - not even myself recalling all that I've made. <3 I think I like that idea even more!

I now have dolls in four countries and art in a few more than that! Oh I love creating things!

though... not if that thing is a 'artist statement' I just feel the whole idea just doesn't apply to my works or to me... maybe if I sat down and really worked at it... but it seems so much easier just to sketch something out and say: 'see. This is what I do. Really... there isn't anything else to it.. to me. I just want to make simple. pretty. things.... that, I hope, make other people just as happy as they make me.'

Though... it would be nice if I were to understand exactly what to do with all that I create.

Best get me back to work!

New stuff up on the Etsy!

Back soon <3

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