Monday, November 21, 2011

Wyck and Alban...

Wyck is the smiling monster and Alban the white rabbit...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A new self-made project

So I started this...err.. I'll go with the term: plan - But really it was more of an outline/goal that I'm calling: A Doll a Day. This, of course, rarely has happened and most certainly won't happen with the lack of light I have to work with~ BUT! I have managed about a doll every two days~ until I ran outta Sculpey... kinda a bump in the road~

But here are the two I've finished so far - a little colorful haired faun-ish boy and a red haired monster creature. I made them each little books that I sketched in and tied to their backs. Really rather pleased with them - and how well they stand!

I really should stick to monsters though - and try some new forms :D those are always the best ~

I'm thinking a fox-ish creature next and something with wings (after I finish one more commission).

Eips! I'd best plan for making Krampus before December hits - 'cause that is how I should decorate my Etsy site for the holidays - right? XD

see you guys soon with more dolls/sketches/rambles.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adventures in FaerieCon...

Holy heck on toast~ but I don't get out enough~!

Thank goodness for lively sisters - or I'd wander around my little room and little world quietly and never go on any adventures.

FaerieCon was less overwhelming this year ~ I even get the courage up to speak to Mr. Froud - even shook his hand - which was something I've wanted to do for a rather long time. His work shaped my life. Though I stood like a dullard in front of Wendy on more than one occasion. But my mind is normally full of images and shapes and colors - so having to put words together and hand them over to one my most beloved artists- most influential and amazing ladies was more than my spongy grey-matter could handle. At least I didn't get light-headed or stammer or inadvertently insult them~

I was far less the fool chatting with other awesome artists... but I fear I am to be doomed near the Frouds.

As for projects in this moment~ my mind is still buzzing with thoughts of wings and bits of bark... but I'd best refocus on Christmas stuff... I do adore the idea of people hanging my works on the tree - or giving my dolls to their sweet-hearts.

Maybe some dolls in the scale of this little moogle commission~ I am really loving this size - it means using a thiner wire - which I was hesitant to do up until just a bit ago - I like the robust armature wire - But~ people won't be animating movies with my dolls... sooooo... small dolls it is!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going to....


Did I mention that yet? I'm so excited!!!
I think it is just starting to set in. It is just for a day~ but I shall make the most of it!
I may even be putting on a pair of pointy ears ;)

Oh~! Reorganized my 'art room' - feeling much better about this set up~ I've the sun and I can see a little bit of the world outside.

I've just been working on a few commissions these last few weeks~ and those Halloween dolls, of course ;) a few more projects planned when my time is my own again~ pictures soon!