Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've been struggling to work out what I'm going to do with these dolls... with my desire to start selling on Etsy and with my need to continue the stories and worlds that play out in my head. And the simple answer came to me... put them all together. And so came Quinn... a new character that fits into the pre-existing Eden-story of Geasa, is in doll form and that -maybe- I might part with on Etsy... <_<' I really like her!

And here's why: She has horns - yay! She had my first attempt at a real coat... made outta a lovely wool... her dress is made of a wonderful kimono silk... she has my favorite green hair... she has the most lovely sad eyes, though I say it myself.

I am just so pleased... a year later and this what I can create -when- I have a day off.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A slide show... of the show

And here it is. I just put it together this morning... it's not the best, but it gives you an idea of what I've made this time around. I'd best get ready for work and see if the D wants to get up before the sun begins to set ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Change of plans...

I think it was probably all the sweet squash mush I ate yesterday, but this morning I woke up with the notion that the word:Dryad (in the show's title) should be replaced with the title reads: Sprites + Monsters + Imps, oh my!... because, who knows what a dryad is besides me and two other book nerds?

D thinks the title isn't very important... and that may be true, but I like to pretend that I'm a professional, even though I don't really know what that means... but if -I- were one, I would title my shows and put up colored flyers and make business cards. I imagine much of what people think of themselves occurs completely within their own brain... so onward artist Eden!

I really have to thank the work of a certain artist for this change of word: happycloud over at Etsy makes the most amazing plushes I have ever had the pleasure of seeing (and owning... wheeeee). I was wondering what other artists thought imps looked liked, after I decided that those where what I must have been drawing for the last year or so and poof! There was happycloud... creating imps in little hoodies and fauns and dryads and monsters and kings and heros and, yes, sprites. I fell in love instantly with happycloud's world(s) + work(s) and with Ferdinand (see cute faun picture) who was ordered after my usual ten hours of obsession... I have to really want something, or I really shouldn't get it.... but I could not be more pleased...

D expects he'll be put to work organizing my many piles of books as he worked as an 'assistant librarian'.

His little story (from happycloud) is as follows: 'Ferdinand is a friendly faun. He is an academic and ferocious reader. He loves stories, has an extensive knowledge of history, and loves to tell stories of fantastic adventures. He isn’t much of an adventurer himself, however. He seems to prefer the safety of his home town; a warm fire and a good book. Ferdinand would like to try his hand at writing himself; but he’s suffered from a chronic case of writers block for years. He sometimes wonders if he were to go explore and experience the world first hand, would he then have an easier time writing. For now he just works as a teacher and assistant librarian.'

I will have to control my urge to make fan art! Wheeeee... maybe I should go back to bed XD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 days 'till the show... 3 more images to go

Today, the day before Thanks - giving, when I should have been cleaning the house or prepping the turkey, I worked on another image for the show. I only had one Dryadish creature... so I thought I should whip up another image. I had wanted to call the show: Monsters + Brusselsprouts + Imps, oh my. But Dave protested the three syllable word in place of a two syllable word. I only had two Brusselsprout images anyway. ;)

I'd best start making the potatoes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dryads + Monsters + Imps, oh my! The Poster

I'm going to have these printed up in color... more eye catching, eh?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Upcoming events!

Oh life is good... winter is making the world pretty and within a few hours my sisters will be here to enjoy it with me! I'm framing up the finished images for this upcoming show... and, I flatter myself, they have come out rather well. These new inks are wonderful! I'm sure with even more time I'll find new tricks to play with them. The quality of the colors as well as the most excellent light-fastness have made them my new favorite media.
I hope to get the last few images whipped up so I can have enough time to put together a few imp doll/statues for the show... but it goes up on the 30th... so I don't know if I'll have the time. *cringe* Suppose I could just tuck them in later during the month... Back to work I get!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Age Old Question...

Why must everything (ie. tv shows, cereal, stores.. toast spreads) I love get pulled off the market? I could list and list AND list all the things I've come to love just in time to get them cancelled... that's right... I think I'm a curse. If I like your product, it's doomed. Maybe I should offer a service? "Does she like it? She does! Scrap it."

What is it this time, you ask yourself? What could it be now? Pushing Daisies. I waited... I didn't watch -any- of the first season, didn't even peek... when it came out on DVD... I waited... and then Amazon got me and I ordered a copy, so sure I was of Bryan Fuller's supreme awesomeness. And Oh! I was so happy... it isn't Wonderfalls, it isn't Dead Like Me, but it could sit proudly beside them on my DVD shelf.

Sadly now it seems unlikely that they'll even get to show the rest of the second season... let alone finish up the story line.

What is it!? What is it that I love so much, visually, comically and flavor-ly , that makes these things so unpalatable to others? I know they are kind of odd.. a little strange, but people! American public!! THESE THINGS ARE SPECIAL! They are precious and years from now they will be in the handful of shows that people -remember-! That inspire and change lives!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Dryads + Monsters + Imps, oh my!

Today I think I am almost done with the last illustration for this next show... the working title is: Dryads + Monsters + Imps, oh my! and will consist of 21-22 completely new illustrations done my busy little me.

I'm really happy with this new show... I have to say I've completely given into the cute and the silly. I have star shaped pearls, monster gangs, map making imps, grass-fur covered monster hills, and even a few pictures with these strange little flying puff guys buzzing around (see right). I have fought long and hard with myself on this subject... from my first sketches in elementary school to today, I have wanted to draw something other than what continues to come out of my paper and pencil experiments/doodles. This show... I gave in, I embraced and I am very very happy with what has come to be. Embarrassed, but not frustrated... there won't be any opening, so no one can ask me any questions... I can just put up my army of fuzzy monsters and their friends... and run for the hills. Zoooom! 'oh! I know! Who let someone put up all these kiddie pictures? Oh, sure, I think my niece would like them, but really, this isn't art.'

But all those things that I known for years are starting to sink in. It doesn't matter! HA! I said it. It doesn't matter that what I make won't make everyone happy... and for those whose hearts are hard against what I create would be hard against me... and all that I have ever loved. And I have people that care... that -want- to see my work.. that aren't shaming me or mocking me or insisting that it be taken away. They are asking to see more. These are the people that matter... and it's okay for me to let them in... and it's okay for me to be happy about my cartoons... because they won't leave me alone and I don't think I could be happy without them.

Sorry I'm so slow on the uptake, friends. <3

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coffee, Cons, and Conviction

Where to begin? I think with me it's best to begin with the beginning: I've been set up for another Webster's show in December... I'll be making, along with my usual set of mixed media sketches, a small collection of small dolls... after seeing a collection of Wendy Froud's wee tiny dolls, I think they're the way to go for this show and this time of year. Little ornaments with wings... or maybe little ones with tails to sit on the branches. I've the tiny armature wire all ready!

As to anything else about the show... I hope that some of what I penciled down at the FaerieCon will offer me up some change in my work. I've drawn all of.... maybe one fairy/faery.... honestly I can't recall making anything that would pass for your run-oh-the-mill winged lady faery.... But it wasn't the work there that inspires me (an exception for anyone with the last name Froud)... but the artist(s). And as this might be my last show for a good long time, I really want to make it awesome... really memorable... even if that is just for myself.

I've ordered a set of inks, the kind that Charles Vess uses. I'm growing ever more concerned about the aging of my work... I want it to look at least a little bit like I did when I finished it... at least for a few decades after. These are meant to be lightfast and such... since I would rather work in watercolor washes... I'm really very excited to try them out.... I also splurged and bought some nice brushes.... since my favorite one is currently held together with duct-tape and hope.

Shall keep you updated on these rather important matters... but now on to notes about the Con. Let me start here by saying: I love my family.... I love meeting new people... I love traveling.... I love change....I would even go so far as to say I like dressing up <--- that one may be a white lie... but I don't like them all at once. It took me too long to recover from last years event... but this one I feel much better about. I had a wonderful time with my sisters and mom... and tried to pace myself over the whole weekend.

I was able to bring Wendy Froud a thank you gift covered in feathers and fur without turning into a pile of jelly and utter nonsense. I called him The Red Feathered Weasel... I think it fits. She was extremely gracious and lovely... and thanked me far more than I deserved. I think I've rarely felt better than after I shook her hand and skipped away.... I may just have walked, but I felt like I was skipping. He got to sit at the Froud booth for the rest of the Con.. which was, for me, the second greatest of complements... after Wendy's, of course.

Toby Froud was a totally doll <---- understatement of the post. I'd say more, but I don't want to sound like a fan girl... Well, I will say that taking the Basic Puppet class with him (thanks Heather!) was simply wonderful!! We got to make Muppet heads, people!! Oh lords, I'm so happy it didn't start to sink in until later... that will probably be the nearest to the Jim Henson Creature Shop I will ever get. I am going to fill every room they let me with muppets and goblins and monsters! So wonderful, oh so wonderful.

I only need to be shown once... and then I'm a danger. ;D

Oh! I also was able to watch Wendy sculpt... I so had a front row seat... amazing. I wonder what it must be like for people to train with people they -want- to be trained by. Ever so often I am reminded that -not- getting into -this- grad school was a blessing <-- and I don't even like that word. A BLESSSING. The teachers would have hated me... at least at Potsdam I was malleable enough to hide my characters and such... now, I don't think I'd be able. I don't think I would tolerate it. I've drawn shoes and meat grinders and heads... and now I want to make monsters.... and well... faeries.

Looks like it's that time when the D should be getting outta bed. Work work work... science, science, science....

Monday, September 8, 2008

of concepts and comics and contingent memories

I think Autumn just hit us. It was chilly on our way back home from a party at Framer Jim's last night and this morning, not surprisingly, it was even colder. I'd best get outside and enjoy what's left of the green... though so much of it was already brown from the nasty little bit of drought the area (and I think most of the northeast) has been suffering from.

Maybe after I tell you about what I found on ebay this morning while listening to the comic stylings of David Cross:

Now, I don't expect you lovelies to be -as- excited as I am... but here we have two of my most favorite things to collect rolled into one (decently priced) package. BEHOLD! An animation cel of a Brian Froud character. You may commence dancing at this point... perhaps a short ditty to express your joy, don't let me stop you.

The cel is, I must admit, from a movie I've never seen, though I, errr, played the Nintendo game? Ages ago I'd heard about it, sorta ignored it and went on my merry way... Oh! You wanted to know which movie it was? I can probably manage that much: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

I'd also forgotten I'd wanted to get my hands a collection of the original artist's work... but my memory, as I think it always has, had let me down and I'd totally forgotten until just now.

So much good out there... so little capacity to remember to appreciate it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

...of favorite things

Today I stumbled across something unexpected and too funny (from my p.o.v.) to not share: Pride & Succubus. Combining two of my most beloved things... Vampires and Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice.

Though I admit I'm not too much tempted, what with my love hate relationship with live theater... but this was too delicious to not share with all those I hold dear. ;)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bits and Books and Blogs

I've hit page 30, in the first 'book' I've ever written. I know that isn't long, but I've written at least three versions over the years (not counting this one) and most have been longer and have rarely gotten past the point this version has. I'm streamlining it, as it were... I flatter myself, I think it's more like a movie script and less like a book-book. So far I haven't rambled away from the 'action packed' motion of the story. Well, as action packed as my imagination gets. Lots of cool visuals at least!

When this first draft is done, I shall start the illustrations.. OOooo I can't wait! I've had this particular story bouncing around my head since we moved away from the rock filled dorms of our ol' college.

I suppose that is the biggest news in my quiet little life. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

paper bags and marker

What I've (re)-learned about my work while illustrating countless brown paper bags, is my overwhelming tendency to simplify. I understood this at the age of eight, but at 28 (0r close enough) I am still trying to understand the 'why'. It was frustrating at a young age, I could sketch things well, but I made them, as they have been labeled, 'cartoony'. Vases, wheat, people, everything drawn down to it's simple form. I have never arrived at a point where I've fully given in to it until I came to these paper bags.

The combo of endless paper, unforgiving marker and finite time have brought me to a point where I just sketch, unconcerned about the detail and more about the form... if concern even enters my mind.

This really doesn't mean it is good... it means I end up with endless simple forms... normally monsters. Another thing I've embraced... something Wendy Froud reminded me about Jim Henson... he liked monsters. And so do I.

Monster bags here I come!