Tuesday, June 22, 2010

work - thoughts - more work

I'm about to sit myself down to that commission for a friend (another Hungry Monster), but I wanted to share this image of the fairy doll I've named Harp. I was uploading her to Etsy when my email got hit with two rejection notices from stores/groups that sell/promote OOAK dolls. I fear I really am missing some key part to the craft of doll making as well. Goodness... what ever am I to do with myself?!

Keep working I guess - or find something else to do with my life... But I fear I'll always want to be doing -this-! If I'm not creating something - art, stories, plants, dolls, food, websites... I go a bit mad (or would that be madder?)

See you lovelies later - I'm off to cover the house with orange faux fur!!

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