Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Month...

Well ~ it will be a new month in a few hours. Durning the power outage here in Eastern PA (due to the hurricane named Irene) I pulled out some paper and finally got back to sketching. Seeing the work of a lovely lady on Etsy: Nathalie Ortega and the lovely stories she tells with her pictures - made me ever more remise about my works. I love making dolls - and, truth be told, they are what sells on my Etsy - but I do get so quickly tired of working in the same media - I like telling different tales and trying different things... I'm not sure how some artists work in only one media and on one subject.

On the other hand - I bet they get reeeally good - I can not claim that. I can say I am skilled - but a master? Probably never. I don't think that is a goal. I want to get better - but the true enjoyment for me is in the making. Even now after almost 50 dolls made - I've only kept one - though I've loved everyone of them ~ I would much rather share.

I'm just grateful there are people out there that want to take some of my works home! What more can an artist such as my self ask for? I adore the idea of my dolls being all over the world! And they are!

But I think I need a new big project! It has been some time since I had a show - those really get me moving - I'm sure I've been more and more indulgent since college - I must admit - I miss homework and projects and dead-lines ~ self-motived? sure... but I'd be more so knowing someone or place is waiting.

Ah well~ back to work! Etsy is down to three items! *laughs* I shall focus on that 'assignment!' ... for now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've been watching Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock - one of my all time faaavorite shows ever. I can still remember the songs ~ and all sorts of strange little details. I've loved every episode... So much silly wonderful adventure in each wonderful little tale - I feel as if I couldn't get enough of Fraggle Rock! But five seasons is more than I expected to have the pleasure of watching... and I can always make up my own when it is all said and done, right? I'm just silly enough to do just that ^^"

Side note: I hate Fimo!! Why do I ever start working with it!? These two are a last two dolls I will make in Fimo... please don't let me try again! >< such a waste of my time!! But - ugg! it does look and feel so nice when you're done - even the weight of it is lovely.

I'm making a Dryad at the moment - and I WILL finish her - even if it takes another week of Fimo based battle!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stopped in a store that sold items other than bread, milk and butter and discovered that Autumn shall be here soon (why else would the store be covered with faux fall leaves? I think I imagined an extra 2 summer months or something - as the end of Summer is so clearly fast approaching.

Still - there is a bit left... so I'd best make sure to enjoy it! Though it melts my Sculpey before I touch it and doesn't seem to be helping me out with the Fimo all that much.

I am excited for Autumn though! Should I start Halloween dolls already? At the rate I've been making things - I might just have one done in time for the holidays!

much love~