Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Auria Windwaker

Just a quick post and photo before I start work on my first dragon. Now that I type that word it makes some sense... the strange dragon dream I had last night... a long conversation with a HUGE ancient beast with really horrid hind claws. Hmm... maybe that is why Auria is an interpreter of dreams... maybe her obsession with strange varieties of rice points to my desire for lunch...

Food THEN dragon making - 'cause the house will be full of fur and feathers soon enough <-- and those aren't food!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beatrix Doongara...

This poor little adorable creature is my attempt to create a 'simple' doll. I just couldn't NOT give her arms... and she had to have feet - and ears and then a cute little shape. I don't think I can simplify my works without creating craft and not art. <-- do I flatter myself? Maybe a bit.

I do love her size - though it is so much easier to work larger ~12" ... Beatrix is a little over 8". She has a little functional backpack filled with little pages... I adore her little head of hair!

Must get back to work!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Decently Decent

Greetings, friends!

It's muggy here once more - which makes sketching troublesome... but I would not be stopped and many decently decent images were produced. I must admit sometimes I imagine my work being in books... but I also love the idea of it being scattered about the world - not even myself recalling all that I've made. <3 I think I like that idea even more!

I now have dolls in four countries and art in a few more than that! Oh I love creating things!

though... not if that thing is a 'artist statement' I just feel the whole idea just doesn't apply to my works or to me... maybe if I sat down and really worked at it... but it seems so much easier just to sketch something out and say: 'see. This is what I do. Really... there isn't anything else to it.. to me. I just want to make simple. pretty. things.... that, I hope, make other people just as happy as they make me.'

Though... it would be nice if I were to understand exactly what to do with all that I create.

Best get me back to work!

New stuff up on the Etsy!

Back soon <3