Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil work - Hazzah!

I am finished with the initial round of pencil work for the book - this still leaves all the large finished illustrations to pencil out - but it's still a good feeling... I've a walls worth of thumbnails.

Maybe one of you is thinking - what is the plan, E? The plan was to write the words - sketch out images specifically for the book and then finish up a collection of fully colored images. The idea behind it: Two characters - Gwenin and Nineveh go on a journey to see their world... Gwenin writes and Nineveh sketches... so the book is the collection of the works of these two characters... translated respectfully by me.

The words and images are both needed to tell the whole story... more or less.

-the art on this post though... is more fan art for that video game... I promise - I'm only making such things with my free-time.

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