Friday, July 25, 2008

paper bags and marker

What I've (re)-learned about my work while illustrating countless brown paper bags, is my overwhelming tendency to simplify. I understood this at the age of eight, but at 28 (0r close enough) I am still trying to understand the 'why'. It was frustrating at a young age, I could sketch things well, but I made them, as they have been labeled, 'cartoony'. Vases, wheat, people, everything drawn down to it's simple form. I have never arrived at a point where I've fully given in to it until I came to these paper bags.

The combo of endless paper, unforgiving marker and finite time have brought me to a point where I just sketch, unconcerned about the detail and more about the form... if concern even enters my mind.

This really doesn't mean it is good... it means I end up with endless simple forms... normally monsters. Another thing I've embraced... something Wendy Froud reminded me about Jim Henson... he liked monsters. And so do I.

Monster bags here I come!