Friday, October 8, 2010

Drat! Late again!

I think this is the longest gap in my blog to date! I am so sorry, my adoring fans (mom, dad and grandma) - I've been distracted - but I'm back on course!

The dragon, sadly, is unfinished... I have him half done - but each time I look at him I think 'who the heck needs a two foot dragon sculpture in their house?' and i put it aside to work on something else.

What, you ask?

A collection of tiny tiny dolls - reactionary I suppose, but cute! And oh'so'much fun! These little guys are my latest incarnation of StoryKeepers - a group of little story muses who help inspire people to create such things as: travel guides, self help books and blogs.

I think at the tallest they're about 2.5 inches - I think the size will be much easier for people to live with and allows me more flexibly as well.

I'll take photos of them as soon as I've finished them up... I want each to have a little book.... and I'm still working out just how to do that right.

Promise you though - by next week - you'll be over run with updates and images!

Love to you all! See you soon!

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