Friday, April 9, 2010

Cedric the monster doll-imp-sprite-creature

I want to write something for you- I mean - give Cedric some context and make my blog more than just a photo collection... but I have to sprites waiting for meeeee... and I want to get to them while my little bit of sunlight is out.

Oh! I'll just steal what I wrote on my deviant art account: Cedric is my second attempt at a doll without a sculpted face - the first one was Marcus... Cedric though is clearly more related to my imps.

He is much lighter due to having almost no clay on his head (he has a little set of horns that are sort of lost in all the fuzz) and his big sprite-ish feet - he stands really well - I've also improved the neck/head connection... using two different wires.

I am, I think, over all happy... I want to start making some truly strange things soon... of course, I can't help myself - I am drawn ever to the cute and furry... but Cedric might be the last I make until I have some really odd creatures.

-back to work!

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