Friday, June 4, 2010

Poster - Circles - Back to work!

Whipped up a poster for the show - and now I have a date to go with it! Wheeee!

Can I just toss out an: Ug - ? I've been looking around at other doll makers and the ones that seem truly successful at it are making creep'tastic half rotted children (but no where as cool as Hela - but she was no kid- nor some exhumed circus performer) or mostly naked fairy chicks. <-- they're about as much 'faerie' as I am German - way back in the day - sure - some of my family was German - and maybe - long ago - the naked fairy dolls family might have been supernatural and awesome - but she's as good as a pinup girl with wings.

Of course - I could just be jaded. Wait, no I am jaded. And confused... I am certainly aware that what I create is probably for a very niche group of people - but I worry - does this group even exist? You, my 6 (maybe) 7 readers... you'll back me up here ;)

I do sell a few things and many many many thanks for those out there that make this silly little artist stop running in her circles of self doubt.

I'll just go back to making monsters and creatures and strange little friends... Oh! and those illustrations I should have been working on ;)

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Laura said...

Don't let what other dollmakers are doing influence you -- yours are beautiful and wondrous and charming! I can't wait to see the show. :)