Friday, June 25, 2010

Fantastic Flier Friday

Updated my site just a little yesterday and scanned up the sketchbook today... a little polish before Nineveh goes up.

I finished my last commission and am now once again at the 'what now' threshold...

I'm thinking advertising - oh! Nothing fancy... but maybe I might have more business if more people knew I existed... <__<' it's just a thought. I can make -just- about anything... or at least attempt it! <-- that's not totally true. I couldn't make a posable Avatar doll, for example. I just wouldn't be happy with it - wouldn't want to sell it.

So - I'm thinking about posting fliers - maybe see if there are any places downtown that might be interested in my work on their walls or in their shops. This is Burlington Vermont after all - I would hope it would be all about the handmade (stuff).

Well - I should get back to work. Hope all is well - see you next week!

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