Friday, June 18, 2010

Fairies and Flowers and Fluff, oh my!

Oh man - I've made a mess of the living room again. And the bedroom has been struck as well (though that usually suffers - as it's where all my art supplies/fabric is stored)... I can't even see my desk for all the project remnants.

But all of that seems like a good thing - it means.. or can mean... progress! Well... maybe just a mess in this case.

Despite my constant working this week - really... I don't even break to eat something (I've been trying to get better at that), I don't have much to show for it. Two and a half finished dolls. But I'm really rather pleased with them - not that I'm not completely enamored with Cedric and Bosch and Bridget... but these two ladies turned out rather well as well.

Oh! some video/slide shows I made that you might want to check out are here:

Process of creating Fragments of Nineveh / Fragments of Nineveh / and doll creation - Skeleton and Sculpey

Well I'd better go straighten up this house! Hope you've a great weekend/day/evening :)

Next week I'm focusing on a monster commission - editing the story and painting some more images for Etsy.... Oh! And sprucing up my website - People might be coming! Wheeee

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