Friday, May 8, 2009

week 17 - May 8th - Spring

This week I've been taking it rather easy, which has been nice. Some work here and there, some time spent with friends, more than my share of napping mixed in. Had a wonderful night learning the basics of belly dancing. (thanks again, Rowan!)

I did finish a commission of the Silk Specter from Watchman. Her design was rather a challenge and finding all the bits to make her work was practically a scavenger hunt... and just to complete her outfit it took three hand bags, a shirt and a ladies scarf! But I do enjoy looking at items for the materials they're made out of... and not the object itself. Yay for the Goodwill!

I'm about to start another commission: a purposely disturbing doll. So I'll be listening to a TOOL and trying -not- to make it look cute and friendly. There is often a fine line... a line some people don't even see... I'll be going right for evil(ish)... wish me luck! I want to try making posable fingers and toes on this one... so, extra creep factor + interactive perching.

The strange little blue weasel guy was/is an unfinished piece from Gateways... he'll get to stay here with me and shed feathers and creep out my husband. >:D

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Lisa said...

His face reminds me ever so slightly of that creepy faun in that movie (I forget the title) that turned out to be more disturbing than we had anticipated.