Sunday, May 17, 2009

And I start again...

So the next 'plan' I have is a series of short illustrated stories. These I plan on self publishing on lulu or whatever company seems like a good bet. (I've seen a few other artists that have gone through them... which is kinda how I found them... so I have no worries.)

This is will give me both a goal and fulfill the age old desire I've had to had my own book. It will also give me some much needed confidence in my work... it's hard to put yourself out there as a free lance illustrator when you haven't really illustrated something.

I'd also like to try my hand at a weekly comic strip... I'm not very funny though... it'd be more of an exercise for me AND give my site new material.

Of course I'll be keeping my self busy trying to get my Etsy site a little more stocked... it may or may not be worth it... but after I fill a page or two with new pieces and still it isn't catching on... I shall try advertising in the local area... mural painting, ad design... whatever it takes... I don't want to go back to another mindless job filled with stressed out unhappy people.

All in all, I'm sure to be busy making the house a total mess and pestering the neighbors with audio books.

Oh! I have a show in Aug. I'm batting around ideas... and really have to get myself to figure out just what I want to do... paint? extra extra detailed illustrations? realism? a story? Do I want dolls? I want to spend a great deal of time on each piece as I'd kinda like to see what I can do!

Enjoy the weather!

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Rowanrose said...

I think this is a fantastic idea- I'd buy em! There is just something about your illustrations (and the snippets of story behind them) that I find enchanting. Okay..that's a kinda hokey word but I can't find a better one right now. Fascinating? Captivating? Unique? There's just a flavor running through your work that really appeals to me.

I think your talent will take you far, financially and creatively.

Show in August? Dammit...better start saving money now...