Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello Friday the 29th!

Another week slipped past again and I have little show for it (in the way of art things... I had a really good time with friends this last week) But I did manage to finish two dolls and a new plan <--- building off earlier plans.

In order to get ready for this show in August... get things up on Etsy and generally - keep myself on track (it's not that I do anything else, but I fall into spots of floundering): I have collected a bunch of words - cut them into strips - put them in a piece (okay, it's a crock... but 'ideas from the Crock' just doesn't have the ring I'm looking for... that said.. it's probably closer to the truth!) from the amazing Charlie Hughes and shall draw a word everyday and make it a goal to finish that word in paint, Sculpey, story form... whatever, by the end of the day.

Wish me luck! And if you have any words... send them my way!

See you next week... hopefully with five - seven new pieces. Hazzah!


Nanette said...

Just a little `hi΄ - getting ready to go to MI with Grandma - surprised me too! But will enjoy the 2 weeks away. Good `art-ting΄ these next weeks as you
prepare another show. I sure relate to floundering - some days I am more fish than human! Keep making lists - it's the one thing that finally ever works for me - love to cross off stuff & helps me remember what the heck I was gonna do before I got so hooked by something else! Ya know I <3 ya!

mammalfeathers said...

Have a wonderful time, the Mom!