Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Show: Gateways

The show went up and looked better than I could have ever pictured... if I let my brain wander that far forward. Rowan had gone -all- out with the space, from floor to lights! The walls had a fresh coat of the most lovely warm yellow and the baseboard... well, photos will do it more justice. Richly upholstered chairs and a beautiful table freshly refinished with a mosaic of sea greens and reds by the lady herself gave the space an ever more friendly and warm feeling. I've always liked the space... but the wow of the new and improved space was truly wonderful!

And so then we set about hammering nails into the perfectly new golden wall... And if I had planned a set of colors to go with the new walls I don't think I would have differed the pallet I used for this show one bit. I'm really glad I changed the idea, this collection looks great, though I say it myself. It was so fun to see the dolls not sitting on my art-table/kitchen table/sewing room ;) or on the sofa. I had tons of stuff (dried leaves and sea shells, gem stones and flowers) to put with them, but after tucking in a few vases and bowls, the idea of adding any other than the work done in/for the Creative Oasis seemed unneeded and utterly superfluous.

The opening was great fun! (and the food was amazing and I forgot to get out my camera... again.) Lots of people showed up, lots of friends and their friends and new friends. I think I was smiling for the five-six hours it ran. I really enjoyed the whole experience... it was really my first opening where people um, well, showed up and the feedback-vibe was so warm and positive. I did really well too, not too many brain freezes and I even walked up to people to offer answers to their questions, if they had any.

I wore my orange shoes.


I hope this isn't too long/boring... but here's a slide show of the show from start to end: Gateways


Rowanrose said...

'm so glad yours was the first show in our spanky new space. I am so proud of how everything turned out. What an amazing show (and already 1/3 of the pieces sold!) and a well-attended and fun party. It made all the hard work worth it.

Thanks for working so hard, creating so many beautiful things...and even hanging out to help clean up! I'm glad I have talented friends like you.

Kenzay said...

We are so proud of you! You have brought us so much joy - and we like your art, too! Congrats on the show ☆
Everyone in BonTemp

Kenzay said...

That was Mum, on the Wii, I made her an account, so she's super excited *^_^*