Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Three.

Have to get back to work... much to do... but I wanted to stop on and continue with my weekly updates. Managed to finally get some stuff up on Etsy, which was fun and easy.

Finished another commission (see monster images), it's a copy of another image I did for the last show. A friend of mine wanted to buy it, mis-communication and a third party ended up having it sold to another, but I had fun going back to work on the idea again. I've always known I couldn't be a cartoonist of any merit, what with my complete inability to draw something the same twice. There is always something new to explore! So it was really fun for me to see a totally new image come out of that little thumbnail/idea.

I also set about working some more ideas for the family portrait. I've never worked so long on an idea before... I'm starting to get antsy. I'm sure it's good for me, I rarely put in enough thought before I'm painting and signing a piece... but I'm also used to moving on to the next project by the end of the day. Uggggg. I should get used to this.. it's good for me. I wanna paaaaaaint it!! Whatever it looks like... paint paint paint!


okay, back to work I go.


Lisa said...

I'm glad to see you have some items up for sale. I especially love the valentine-theme cards! And the dryad... ;-)

Lisa said...

had to post again just to say that the word verification is "gamin" ...'cause gamin' is what we do ;-)

... except that I forgot to type it in >.>

muse_no_fantasy said...

I love the way your mind is so creative. Your stories, your drawings, and you dolls are just so amazing.
Just stopping by to say howdy!
*big hug*