Friday, January 23, 2009

Goat Guy '09

Hey, folks... a little update on the stuff-for-Etsy making... isn't he awesome? Well, I'm pleased to no end! I think I'll call him Fitzjarrald. His scarf is a green wool with a stone detail... his jewelery is copper and wood. The silk on his arms and legs is stained with tea and paint. For some reason I think he'll collect sea shells...

I'd best get back to work.


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Kenzay said...

So awesome, E!
On the Wii, so this might be brief but was just waiting for my neck to get numb so that I can switch to beloved heat again.
And I thought, I haven't checked out your website recently... saw the journal link and Mr. Fitzjerrald... I didn't spell that right but no way to check, sorry. He's so handsome : D
And I think he would even pick up those cheap white shells that no one except dad will pick up... of course thats only if Mr. F plays Animal Crossing hehe

Well neck is numb and eye lids are drooping, off with me.

Love ya, E!