Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week One.

A week has gone by and I've finished more of my story tham I have managed to put down in the five years I've been here. I feel like I haven't felt in ages... I feel like myself. I know much of what I do is completely silly and probably has no audience, but -I- am so happy!

This story has been kicking around my head since the first snow-fall of our time here in State College. The characters have been going endlessly in circles until... now... and I feel like all the pieces are falling together. Though, heck knows if they are. ;) I'll need to pester my sisters/editors to read the first 100 pages (<- okay, it's 91, but the day has just begun!).

Next week I'll begin things that have substance other than words offer... I really can't wait to have a shop full of items on Etsy! Dolls and pictures and plush monsters and jewelry, hazzah! Once that's done... I'll begin illustrating my story! Vanity publishing... here I come!

*The picture with this post was a commission... my first attempt at a Pern dragon... unless you count those fire lizard doodles back in middle school...? The dragon is gold and shiny, but the scanner hates gold and shiny...


Laura said...

Hi, I'm the person that your commission was done for, it was a birthday gift from my husband. I just want you to know that I love it. It's perfect. I came here to find out how to contact you to send you a note, so of course I had to say something here. It was a total surprise, especially since I have admired your artwork before when you have had it displayed in Webster's. I recognized that it was yours immediately. It will have a special place in my home. Forgive my babbling, but it's hard to find the right words to express just how much I love it. Thank you so much!

mammalfeathers said...

Hi, Laura! :D I'm so very glad you enjoyed getting it so much! I wanted to send your husband a note to ask... but I didn't want to seem pushy.

I'm just so pleased you're so pleased! It was a pleasure to work on. I'd just been re-reading some of the later Pern novels when he inquired about the commission. He asked if I could draw a girl and a dragon. I responded, 'totally! But what kind... Eastern, Western..." and then, because I'm a dragon nerd, "Pernese?"

I'm so glad it was :)

Thanks for the note <3

Lisa said...

Hey Lady! I am so happy to hear that you are so happy! You deserve it! We should talk soon!

muse_no_fantasy said...

I absolutely adore the Dragon of Pern series. I think I own everyone of Anne McCaffrey's books that are published. So I guess now is the time to learn a new hobby. Blogging, lol, you all will have to help me sometimes.