Monday, January 12, 2009

My 'first' day of unemployment

Suppose I could have titled this: the professional artist life begins...

So I took my own advice (see previous post's note about a day to make a doll..) and decided the best thing for me do to for my sanity, if not my bank account, was to dedicate my self to my art. I suppose people have done more foolish things. But I feel ready for the challenge... and as I have always been my harshest critic... this is saying something!

Novel update: reached page 60 of the story!


Kenzay said...

Using a new word I learned from Cadence today to say: you have always done superlative work versus many types of "art" I've seen.

I know the future only holds good things for an artist with such a beautiful & strong talent.

I am certainly proud to be your sister and will gladly stand aside and "aww" when the world gets to receive a little more of Eden and being thus exposed, all the more better for it.

Congrats on the page count- you Rock! *^_^*

Love, M.
I had to "gurod" this in order to submit, wheee.

mammalfeathers said...

Thanks, M <3