Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week Two.

Life continues to be good, though I think we'll have some trouble finding the tables under all the thread and Sculpey scraps. I finished two dolls, but somehow little else... hmmm. I have worked on a commission this week, mostly in the mornings. It's not my 'usual' style, which has been some good fun. I don't really think I'll get too many chances in the next few weeks to work on other projects so out of my norm... I seriously can't wait to start painting it.

My next plan is to do a series of small images and valentines day themed cards... and then I should be ready to 'lauch' on the'ol'Etsy. Maybe start a strange creature doll... I'm not sure what people like... I'm certain it's not what I make XD But maybe I can talk myself into making a fairy faerie... or something. I can't say I don't like wings... I just normally like them feathered. ;)

I'll toss up the sketches of the cute little Dream Herders I've been wanting to make for awhile. They're kinda little impish guys who carry about these funny little puff things and I guess they help to direct dreams... I guess dreams can be like sheep... but probably only in certain places. They're sort of like tour guides for the dreaming. They're cute.

Oh! Started a Twitter thingy. Just in case you want to know exactly how much glue I have stuck to my fingers and what I'm having for lunch... though I suppose I could answer those questions now: more than can be safe and oatmeal. MMmmm... oats.


Kenzay said...

Ooooh holy cow, this one I love, E... the hair, the ears- the outfit, love-love-love-love her!

Well done, I say *^_^*

Oooh and you should make a valentine card with a guy holding some heart balloons, I love balloons... : )

... maybe once you have it up, I could even buy it for a certain valentine I have *^_^* I'm fairly sure she likes balloons, but then again... who doesn't like balloons? ... hmm.. now I want a balloon *pout*

Off to start my day- seeing Crystal & Wyatt today!

Lisa said...

How many times do I have to tell you that people love what you do! :) Maybe you have to ween some of them off the aerie-farie, but just because they might like something that's good doesn't mean they'll dislike something better.

I love the new goat!

mammalfeathers said...

Thanks, guys <2

Lisa said...

Edit: meant to say just because the might like something that isn't good...