Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Four.

I feel like old ideas are coming back to me... or I'm connecting them to what I can do with them in the now. Does that make any sense? I've long felt like a had a box full of bits and bobs, and knew I would know what to do someday... I don't think that day is today, but I'm starting to see how all the pieces can fit together. I am just slow... it's a process, or something.

Finished some more of the story... Jim and I went up to the little town of Bellefonte, which is about ten minutes away from where I'm sitting now. We had a good time wandering the stores there for a bit and then we puttered out to this massive abandoned/dilapidated lime processing plant. It was really just right down the street from the main stretch.

I was the most amazing thing I've seen in ages... granted, I've been stuck here for five years and haven't explored a tenth of what I should have while I was here, but this was too cool. I'm expanding a whole section of the story to include it... I had old machines already, but this thing was like the lovechild of a rusted oil drill and a lime covered city block... really, something completely out of a Miyazaki movie. Well, as close as real life comes.

Finished the painting commission for the family. They loved it! So, a task well done.

One more commission to go... two dolls, the mother daughter pair from a rather popular teenage vampire novel series. I won't say more. <_< Okay, I will say... they're turning out well.

I've plans to do a series of doll pairings after this one. I've only been sketching that idea for years... just came to me that sculpting them might be an extremely fun thing to do. So slow on the pick up...

Oh! Another most wonderful thing I happened across this week, other than this truly great yarn from Stitch Your Art Out, was stumbling upon the work of Remedios Varo. I hope I get to see some of her work in my life time... so I can add her to the list of artists-whose-works-I-HAVE-to-see-in-person. This list is oddly enough... rather short: Clive Barker, Hieronymus Bosch, and (now) Remedios Varo.

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