Monday, August 11, 2008

Bits and Books and Blogs

I've hit page 30, in the first 'book' I've ever written. I know that isn't long, but I've written at least three versions over the years (not counting this one) and most have been longer and have rarely gotten past the point this version has. I'm streamlining it, as it were... I flatter myself, I think it's more like a movie script and less like a book-book. So far I haven't rambled away from the 'action packed' motion of the story. Well, as action packed as my imagination gets. Lots of cool visuals at least!

When this first draft is done, I shall start the illustrations.. OOooo I can't wait! I've had this particular story bouncing around my head since we moved away from the rock filled dorms of our ol' college.

I suppose that is the biggest news in my quiet little life. :)


Kenzay said...

Super excited to see the illustrations; Not to mention having the story read to me!! Nothing better than a story telling from The E! *^_^*

I have a blog but I'm uncertain as to how to link ours... help?

I've had it since I first went with Genmai Massage as a possible title... *^_^*

mammalfeathers said...

Thanks, M! <3

Will see if I can figure it out as well ;) XD