Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coffee, Cons, and Conviction

Where to begin? I think with me it's best to begin with the beginning: I've been set up for another Webster's show in December... I'll be making, along with my usual set of mixed media sketches, a small collection of small dolls... after seeing a collection of Wendy Froud's wee tiny dolls, I think they're the way to go for this show and this time of year. Little ornaments with wings... or maybe little ones with tails to sit on the branches. I've the tiny armature wire all ready!

As to anything else about the show... I hope that some of what I penciled down at the FaerieCon will offer me up some change in my work. I've drawn all of.... maybe one fairy/faery.... honestly I can't recall making anything that would pass for your run-oh-the-mill winged lady faery.... But it wasn't the work there that inspires me (an exception for anyone with the last name Froud)... but the artist(s). And as this might be my last show for a good long time, I really want to make it awesome... really memorable... even if that is just for myself.

I've ordered a set of inks, the kind that Charles Vess uses. I'm growing ever more concerned about the aging of my work... I want it to look at least a little bit like I did when I finished it... at least for a few decades after. These are meant to be lightfast and such... since I would rather work in watercolor washes... I'm really very excited to try them out.... I also splurged and bought some nice brushes.... since my favorite one is currently held together with duct-tape and hope.

Shall keep you updated on these rather important matters... but now on to notes about the Con. Let me start here by saying: I love my family.... I love meeting new people... I love traveling.... I love change....I would even go so far as to say I like dressing up <--- that one may be a white lie... but I don't like them all at once. It took me too long to recover from last years event... but this one I feel much better about. I had a wonderful time with my sisters and mom... and tried to pace myself over the whole weekend.

I was able to bring Wendy Froud a thank you gift covered in feathers and fur without turning into a pile of jelly and utter nonsense. I called him The Red Feathered Weasel... I think it fits. She was extremely gracious and lovely... and thanked me far more than I deserved. I think I've rarely felt better than after I shook her hand and skipped away.... I may just have walked, but I felt like I was skipping. He got to sit at the Froud booth for the rest of the Con.. which was, for me, the second greatest of complements... after Wendy's, of course.

Toby Froud was a totally doll <---- understatement of the post. I'd say more, but I don't want to sound like a fan girl... Well, I will say that taking the Basic Puppet class with him (thanks Heather!) was simply wonderful!! We got to make Muppet heads, people!! Oh lords, I'm so happy it didn't start to sink in until later... that will probably be the nearest to the Jim Henson Creature Shop I will ever get. I am going to fill every room they let me with muppets and goblins and monsters! So wonderful, oh so wonderful.

I only need to be shown once... and then I'm a danger. ;D

Oh! I also was able to watch Wendy sculpt... I so had a front row seat... amazing. I wonder what it must be like for people to train with people they -want- to be trained by. Ever so often I am reminded that -not- getting into -this- grad school was a blessing <-- and I don't even like that word. A BLESSSING. The teachers would have hated me... at least at Potsdam I was malleable enough to hide my characters and such... now, I don't think I'd be able. I don't think I would tolerate it. I've drawn shoes and meat grinders and heads... and now I want to make monsters.... and well... faeries.

Looks like it's that time when the D should be getting outta bed. Work work work... science, science, science....

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