Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Age Old Question...

Why must everything (ie. tv shows, cereal, stores.. toast spreads) I love get pulled off the market? I could list and list AND list all the things I've come to love just in time to get them cancelled... that's right... I think I'm a curse. If I like your product, it's doomed. Maybe I should offer a service? "Does she like it? She does! Scrap it."

What is it this time, you ask yourself? What could it be now? Pushing Daisies. I waited... I didn't watch -any- of the first season, didn't even peek... when it came out on DVD... I waited... and then Amazon got me and I ordered a copy, so sure I was of Bryan Fuller's supreme awesomeness. And Oh! I was so happy... it isn't Wonderfalls, it isn't Dead Like Me, but it could sit proudly beside them on my DVD shelf.

Sadly now it seems unlikely that they'll even get to show the rest of the second season... let alone finish up the story line.

What is it!? What is it that I love so much, visually, comically and flavor-ly , that makes these things so unpalatable to others? I know they are kind of odd.. a little strange, but people! American public!! THESE THINGS ARE SPECIAL! They are precious and years from now they will be in the handful of shows that people -remember-! That inspire and change lives!!


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Kenzay said...

*offers open arms for supportive-sorry-you-seem-to-doom-everything-hug*

It just seems that way... right? O.o

I do miss Wonderfalls and get excited but sad when we get a chance to watch it.

Much like Firefly... awhh- the places they could have gone with that beautiful writing and cast of characters- Grr...