Monday, November 10, 2008

Dryads + Monsters + Imps, oh my!

Today I think I am almost done with the last illustration for this next show... the working title is: Dryads + Monsters + Imps, oh my! and will consist of 21-22 completely new illustrations done my busy little me.

I'm really happy with this new show... I have to say I've completely given into the cute and the silly. I have star shaped pearls, monster gangs, map making imps, grass-fur covered monster hills, and even a few pictures with these strange little flying puff guys buzzing around (see right). I have fought long and hard with myself on this subject... from my first sketches in elementary school to today, I have wanted to draw something other than what continues to come out of my paper and pencil experiments/doodles. This show... I gave in, I embraced and I am very very happy with what has come to be. Embarrassed, but not frustrated... there won't be any opening, so no one can ask me any questions... I can just put up my army of fuzzy monsters and their friends... and run for the hills. Zoooom! 'oh! I know! Who let someone put up all these kiddie pictures? Oh, sure, I think my niece would like them, but really, this isn't art.'

But all those things that I known for years are starting to sink in. It doesn't matter! HA! I said it. It doesn't matter that what I make won't make everyone happy... and for those whose hearts are hard against what I create would be hard against me... and all that I have ever loved. And I have people that care... that -want- to see my work.. that aren't shaming me or mocking me or insisting that it be taken away. They are asking to see more. These are the people that matter... and it's okay for me to let them in... and it's okay for me to be happy about my cartoons... because they won't leave me alone and I don't think I could be happy without them.

Sorry I'm so slow on the uptake, friends. <3

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Kenzay said...

Oooooh, I'm so excited to see them in person! Hug my sister to bits, hug the Dave but with less squishiness, walk around her beloved little town- I know she will miss in ways, play with the Wiiiiiii and eat delicious foods.

Woooot, I say. Woot.