Monday, September 8, 2008

of concepts and comics and contingent memories

I think Autumn just hit us. It was chilly on our way back home from a party at Framer Jim's last night and this morning, not surprisingly, it was even colder. I'd best get outside and enjoy what's left of the green... though so much of it was already brown from the nasty little bit of drought the area (and I think most of the northeast) has been suffering from.

Maybe after I tell you about what I found on ebay this morning while listening to the comic stylings of David Cross:

Now, I don't expect you lovelies to be -as- excited as I am... but here we have two of my most favorite things to collect rolled into one (decently priced) package. BEHOLD! An animation cel of a Brian Froud character. You may commence dancing at this point... perhaps a short ditty to express your joy, don't let me stop you.

The cel is, I must admit, from a movie I've never seen, though I, errr, played the Nintendo game? Ages ago I'd heard about it, sorta ignored it and went on my merry way... Oh! You wanted to know which movie it was? I can probably manage that much: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

I'd also forgotten I'd wanted to get my hands a collection of the original artist's work... but my memory, as I think it always has, had let me down and I'd totally forgotten until just now.

So much good out there... so little capacity to remember to appreciate it!

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