Thursday, April 1, 2010

Now and then

...what must my poor teachers have thought of me in college... what would they think of me now!? Ahhhh to be back in the print making studio. What I wouldn't give to have access to litho stones. I'm sighing right now - can you tell?

Ah well - enough with THAT silliness- on to more!

I just wanted to share two images - one I did in college and the other, a recent commission... I fear though - that my client really wanted the first image. It was one I made of print of back in Potsdam... but I don't think many or any copies remain.

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Mads said...

Erkkk I should really use the print facilities in uni more often. The tutors keep pushing us to use them but printing is so time consuming and pernickity. But then I keep hearing people wishing they could use free print facilities... Sooo

I will do some printing soon, in memory of you! haha.
What sort of print was the first one?

And I do think the second is really awesome, there's far more movement and life in it. And who would say no to that? (: