Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sprites incoming...

Created three imps and a doll... all and all a good few days. I am so pleased with how these imps have turned out - I know I've said it before - but they are little limbed creatures endowed with so many of the features that I find so ascetically wonderful and endearing.

I love creating things I am pleased with. To sit back and look into their simple little faces and get to say: Hello.

I think it is something I've always wanted to do - and now I'm doing it. Creating things with worlds and stories all their own - maybe I always have - but there is something so wonderful to creating something with hands and weight. To be able to touch and sit with. I hope that doesn't sound mad. I don't think them real - but that they have a physical presence you can't deny me. In fact, I'd love to make enough creatures to sit surrounded but little pointy eared creatures- as though I'd crawled into one of my own sketches... and to some degree isn't that what I'm doing? I think I would create my army just for that. I wonder what others would see... coming up to a table decorated with sticks and branches and an army of strange little things.... I suppose it would greatly depend on the crowd. I am well aware that what I create can be considered a little bit strange - but lords on toast - why would I want to create what everyone else has made before me? Teddy bears? Bambi! NO. I shall have to continue under the ire and dismissal of so many - but I find more and more people who like what I do - who love it, even. For you I shall keep the glue heated and the wire cut.

Back next week with Sprites and wee monsters. I love -love- love the imps - but I think I've made enough for now. They're wonderful and great fun - but I think I need new faces.

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