Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week Eleven.

Two days lost, but to friends and planning... so I'll probably be able to come to terms with it... I'll work all the hours I can this weekend to make up for the missed time.

I did finish one doll.. my second tiny doll: Weir

I think my thought process was: I'll work small to big... but after working on three of these little guys and all three ended up having extreamly different looks... I think I'll start with the big Storyteller first and then work down from there... I don't want it to look like I just grabbed whatever dolls I had sitting around.. I want these to look like they go together... in some way... I thought the same color scheme... but that will be tough for me to do...

I think this way of taking on the task will be the 'best' or at least work the best for me at this time. So... that's kinda a week lost... but I hope to finish the more-finished second little doll... and toss them up on Etsy.

I love and HATE working this small.. I end up spending hours on their little faces... I'm sure it'll take me little more time to make the large Storyteller than it took to make Weir... So, unless it's a size that people seem like like... well, I'd better stick to 12+ inches for awhile... at least for my sanity!

I'm just crossing my fingers that stories manage to dig themselves out of my head while I'm working on these characters... I feel like my brain is full of jelly when it comes to that...

We'll see...


Laura said...

Hey Eden,

I've been meaning to pop on and tell you how excited I am about your new ideas, especially the newest one. I am also rather excited that I get to read about it as the idea + process unfolds.

Just in case you don't "recognize" me, I'm the one you did the Pernese dragon for. :)

Kenzay said...

Loving the vest and sleeve cuff detail, E.

Speakin of tossing things on Etsy, Mrs. Slow-Pants now wants to have a certain amount before we post, I suppose it makes sense, but having them up, no matter the amount makes sense to me... but either way, we're almost there *^_^*

mammalfeathers said...

Thanks, Laura! :)

And thanks, M... One day I might even know how to make clothes without glue!