Friday, March 20, 2009

Week Ten.

I was horrid this week and took two days more-or-less off. I wandered around town with friends and puttered around the Creative Oasis for a few hours... getting the lay of the land, as it were, and chatting with the wonderful Rowan.

She wants to create a space/installation of my 'world(s)'... I am super excited, though a little challenged for time and materials... logistically, I can't really make anything or store it when it was done. Tree branches aren't quiet right and the kind of woody stuff I usually like to draw tends to be bug and mold ridden. I can't take that into any place Dave or children will be! That said, I did gather moss from the woods. Dave suggested I go with some of my paper pieces to create a larger/inclusive drawing. I already have a hint of that sort of thing happening around the apartment... I think it's perfect. I'll get myself a pack or two of poster board and start making a wonderland of branches and flags and faces and figures. This is gonna be sooooo coooooool.

This week I did manage to get a few sketches done. Some that I'm really pleased with... it's been too long since I sketched... I do love the smell of ink in the morning. I went a different root for most of these sketches. Within the last few years I went from making pre-lim sketches to making tiny thumbnail ideas and then just making a final sketch on board and inking and coloring, etc. These I just cut out any middle stages and just doodled.... so they're a little more like earlier images I've created. A little less story, a little more interest in the lines themselves.

I made more than I can afford to frame up for this show in April, so some I'll put up on Etsy... maybe if things follow the patterns of all other shows, the images I like least will garner some attention. *crosses fingers and hopes* They are mostly cute things and friend images.

On another note... Dave will be free soon! We have no set plans.. no anchor of job(s) or even a whisper of structure... This isn't that odd a state for me to be in. Most of my childhood and, really, adult life has been spent living in the shadow of economic instability... but for Dave... I think this will be more new. I hope I can offer some... well, I hope I can help feed us at least. ... as if I needed more reason to not fail.

This next week I plan on working on larger images and a series of crazy haired little creatures. I really want to create a great amount of work to pick from... just work and work and work.... with no other goal than to create (and make the house into a total mess!).

Wish me/us luck!

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