Monday, March 23, 2009


I have it... the perfect mix of all the things I want in this coming show in April...

One large doll... reading a little book to a collection of strange and varied characters... and the book itself will be illustrated by the 13 framed images that surround them (as well as the larger illustrative cut outs) and then, as the hand out/booklet... I'll have the 13 images and the story.

Dolls. Illustrations. Story.

And... the titles will just write themselves! Ha ha!

I've sketched this idea enough... now I can make it.. and bring people into one of my sketches... and then into that sketch with sketches... and then they'll have a piece of the picture in their hands.

I'd best get to work... I have so much to dooooooo!

(oh... and my first Etsy sale this morning. Whoooo ha!)

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