Monday, March 2, 2009

Week Seven - 2.

Alright. So I was wrong about how easy the fuzzy things would be... dead wrong. I spent a good three days on just one and there is no way I can make enough of them at anything close to a responsible cost... I think that is going to be my key to selling... I need a price range. So (other than my commissions) I am going to start making small... quick (and hopefully cool) imp dolls. Maybe some smaller sketches and some 'puffs'... you know, those cute things that hang out with imps and Storytellers? Everything has a pet... even the world of gnomes kept pets... Gelflings had pets... Alice had a good number, in her way... sidekicks could be counted, I'm sure.

So imps and sidekicks/pets for under $50 bucks. Though, at that price, I'm going to have to finish one or two a day... so I'd better get working, eh? The puffs can be sold separately, of course... those will be fuzzy... I won't speak too soon... but I -hope- those won't take me three days!! *shakes fist* (I spent one whole day sculpting fabric.... it just didn't/doesn't have the definition I seem to need to have in my work... I was rather grumpy by the time Dave got home.. a whole day wasted and an end product I was displeased with... uggg.)

But! Other than my three day descent into eating my own words... I did drag out the sewing machine and started, not only my first pair of pants, but actively using it for the rest of the doll(s)'s clothing. I even grabbed some scary doll-clothing-making books from the library. *shudders* But I need to learn... even if I only use a bit of what one needs to know to make clothes (I dislike how baggy they are... but I'm sure the idea is that you can re-dress the doll.. my work is more sculptural than it is, ummm, practical? Words fail me)

So I snagged a sketch off the wall and thought I would, in earnest, attempt to make of my own sketched characters stand up and collect dust (click for video of finished doll).... It helped a ton that I had the most wonderful fabric under the sun (thanks M!) to make her dress (used the sewing machine! ha ha!) and, with the help of some newly acquired liquid stitch , finished a rather decent 3-d interpretation of my pencil sketch... though I say it myself. I think I'll save her for the show... as, with this new imp scheme of mine + show + commissions, I don't think I'll have the time for any more 'art dolls' or experiments. (not that those three things aren't going to be a total blast!)

I am having a wonderful time though... I'm not making much that could be called, oh, what do we call it... money. And I know this can't continue for much longer... but I have never felt so good. Even when I'm disappointed with myself I just want to work on the next thing and take what I learned and make something better... or closer to what it is I want to make. Whatever that is... I feel like every time I make one of these creatures or just allow myself to work... I'm pulling pieces of something greater into existence. It's when I don't create that I go a bit mad. I'm mad now (who else would quit their job with student loans and, oh don't make me go into it... to make dolls and colorful sketches of hills with eyes?), but there are different shades of insanity.... and for me, there are certainly different expressions of frustration and disappointment.

Believe me... I understand that life can't be what this is. And I know that it isn't just that next paycheck... but I picked a path in life that won't allow me to be so completely irresponsible and selfish... also, I'm not sure that I had any other options. Few do.

AAaaaanyways... I'll just keep working and see what comes of this. (though I'm not sure how much more material spreadage the tiny apartment can take! Poor flat surfaces...)

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