Saturday, January 23, 2010

New monsters/imps...

I wanted to try making some smaller monsters... so I thought I'd take the imps I sketch (which I had made into two plushies for x-mas gifts this last year... and had been rather pleased with) and make them into dolls... I think they've turned out rather well... Again - trying to balance the fantasy... But I fear - some of the sketches - when I take them closer to what could exist in this world... and we move from cute to scary rather quickly... So I stood firm and tried to keep these guys close to my sketches.

Like in this sketch... though he's slightly different... more like the Duster character... (geh! I'd better watch out... I might start putting a story together...)

It's... kinda overwhelming to sit down to something and have very little idea how it will turn out... so often though... the media itself dictates what you'll have as an end result... I suppose not knowing just what you're making can help a great deal when working with a fickle media.

Granted, dear reader - I often have no idea what I'm going to do until it's done and I've scanned it and I sit here typing about it.

It's - kind fun. But, again, rather strange and, often, overwhelming...

Good thing I work so small... what would I do with something MORE than 20 inches... no no.. I must always work small... something big would take me over.... and then where would I be?

I recall a large drawing of leaves I worked on in college (my father has it now)... I worked on it until I passed out. Woke up and sketched until I passed out again... I think this went on for two or three days. It was fun, but I can't live like that - the dishes would pile up and the food would burn...

So: Small scanner sized things... those - I will be back with soon!

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