Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Monday...

I seem to get the urge to update these on Mondays - well this and the last post, at least! So let's make that a thing, shall we? I'll regale you with the previous weeks works and perhaps muse on the potential creations of the week ahead - I think that sounds plannish.

I may have to break my promise you to last week for images of 'new' stuff... as, though my scanner is unpacked, I have no image processing software on this computer. *cringe* So, how about an image from the Alice show that you wouldn't have seen, unless you happened by some of the more awesome corners of State College, PA ;)

I'll get you at least three new Eden images next week... or mid-week, if I can manage to find anyone software to help with this tragic issue.

I have to say I am really pleased with how my work is progressing. Sometimes breaks are good for me... that or I'd forgotten I could sketch, so its like rediscovering that you can still ride a bicycle

I have a half finished monster waiting for the rest of himself.. his hooves are drying (spray paint.. can't beat it... but it does mean you have to wait... ug. waiting). The plan, as it stands, is to make a small army of monsters, a books worth of illustrations (random Eden stuff) and buttons and magnets and get them up the Etsy post-haste. Then, as the weather gets better, I shall drag my pale self out into the light of day and find out what town I've moved into - with a portfolio of new works and, I hope, find people and places as lovely as the ones I left in the last town.

*crosses fingers*

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Lisa said...

I wish I could have seen that show. Miss you, Lady. *hugs*