Monday, January 4, 2010

I must say... after all this time, I'm happy to find that I can still sketch... somehow I thought all these weeks of not working would have softened me a bit... but no. Still the same pointy eared, stripped socked creatures showing up on the paper... (The picture in the post is old... but the next post will have an all new one. Truly.)

This week will find me working on another commission and starting back up on my story(ies) as well as my poor neglected Etsy account. I have so much I want to do - I don't know where to start.

See you soon!


Kenzay said...

Hurray, the Eden!

Life will now resume and the work will start to pile in, I'm sure : )

After Christmas I've lost my card CD, but I'm hopeful to find it, but if not, perhaps you can send me another? I haven't been around to do much in the way of looking, but now that I'm home, I too can get back to work, and that includes finding said CD : )

Love to you!!

mammalfeathers said...

Oh dear. I hope you can find it... the computer is was on has been parted out....