Monday, February 16, 2009

Week Five.

Ack, must get back to work... but wanted to -try- to keep up to date on this blogging thing.

Worked most of last week on the doll commission. The photos don't do the skin the credit it deserves... each one is slightly shiny, the mom more than the daughter... I used this pearl-powder with a matte gloss... I'm rather pleased with myself.

Dave and I had a nice Valentine's day of not doing too much. He bought me orange covered chocolate.. wait, switch that up... chocolate covered candied orange peels... my favorite. <3

I think I'll have one before I start my next project!

edit: more photos of dolls for M: One here - and here - and one more here

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muse_no_fantasy said...

Wonderful job on those dolls. You are just getting bater and better the more you do!!

Hope everything is going well for you two. Take care, *big hug*