Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week Six.

Wow, so long? Six Weeks! Well, I'm sure I would have thought I would have completed more by this point... drat! I'd better kick it into high gear.

This week I wasted a day remembering working super small suuuucks! And rest of the week working on two new dolls... one is decently clothed... or in this case, covered in fur. You may recognize him from the doll idea sketch I posted briefly the other day. I have just to make his saddle and rider and he'll be ready for the world of Etsy.

My next plan is to make a series of cute (and or) fuzzy things. They're tough and warm and *cough* easier *cough* than some of these dolls that require more attention to detail... did you know it took me well over six hours to put all the fur on the mount? And in that time I did not eat, leave the house, or, you know, leave the sofa. Just once to set him down and look at him from a distance... I didn't know so much time I had passed until I tried to move my neck and it made noise! Little cute things with easy to work with fur, check! I'm thinking things in the world of mogs and such other overly cute things. I could make a mog... come to think of it... maybe I will.. that should bring people over my Etsy account. I've had no bites on the items I posted so far. :( But I shall not be disheartened! Not yet! XD :| >_<

Though.. if a in a few more weeks I'm not making money... I'd better go start applying at fast food restaurants. At least I know I won't spend any money at that place of work. But.. what if they asked me to eat the food!? Ugggggg.

The other doll is one of the characters from my story. I want to dress him in a little jacket, pants and a shirt... with, of course, a scarf. I hope to get my hands on some patterns for clothes... I wish I knew the first thing about making clothes! I'm sure once I get the concept of dress. jacket. shoe. I'll be set. I just need to -see- and -understand- and I'll be set!


muse_no_fantasy said...

Oh how adorable, I love that fuzzy creature. Wonderful job, and yes I do that with my beads sit there for hours then look up at the clock and wonder where all the time went, lol.
Wonderful job!!!

mammalfeathers said...

Thank you, Ari <3

I love your beading too :D

Horbatty said...

Your dolls are beautiful! do you use sculpey?