Friday, March 5, 2010

Of imps and sunshine and written things

I had wanted to set up an elaborate set up for my Etsy photos... but I think I like the sunshine more than I could ever care for a stark fully lit corner... that - and we simply don't have the space for setting up something properly... but I think I did justice to my work with these little images.

My sense of time is a wee bit off as I've been busy finishing up the first draft of my story!!!!!!!! <--- really. I'm allowed.

I've been working on this one in my head for ages... I know people say that sort of stuff. And I know now how they feel... I've hundreds and hundreds of pages of failed attempts to take on the story... I feel like it's one of my first attempts to paint in colors with oils... true monsters of paint and over worked failures.... I just get carried away and fail to make something worth looking at or, in this case, reading. I guess what I'm saying is - I had to learn how to edit. And I AM GOING TO FINISH~ Oh. So happy! It's nothing amazing - I assure you... the story itself... but the finishing. The having all these ideas and characters and places and things fall in words onto the paper - start to finish.... I am giddy... and often find myself writing when I meant to be doing something else.... like, updating my blog. <___< or my Etsy... on to which I just added a few new things - including this imp: E'oh.

Back to work I go!

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