Friday, April 10, 2009

Week Thirteen.

I completed all the pencil work for Gateways... or I had until I decided a few more images couldn't do any harm... so D and I will be getting a few more frames... I can always not use the images, but so far I've been exceeding pleased with everything I've come up with. There are a lot of monsters... and books and more flowy things than ever before (which is saying something)... I have magic hats and dream herders and stars and grass and, well, all the things I normally have, but(!) they all fit into the 'idea' of the show.... Gateways: change: transformation...

Next week/this weekend I'll be coloring... and then on to dolls! Wheeeee

1 comment:

Kenzay said...

It's fantastic, Eden.

I'm gonna share it with everyone at work, Kate was wondering when your next show was *^_^*

... and its a great distraction from the great possibility of her going to jail, hurray!

Enjoy the day, I'm off to work- wootness.

Love, M.