Friday, April 17, 2009

Week Fourteen... right?

I don't know why it is taking me so long to work on this show.... well I do... Because I'm trying to put a little more thought into it... and where thoughts and my art work meet there is a stranger murky place. I can put pencil to paper and things happen... but I wanted to think before I set to work. I hit a wall after 13 images... and I wanted at least 15...

Well... I still have a few days to get it all together...


Kenzay said...

*proverbial pat on the head* You do good, Eden.

I'm sorry if Ma and I disrupted you at all, we didn't mean to.

And from what I can see, I'd have to say my favorite pick in those pieces in the big fuzzy navy guy on the far left of the last image, what a great color. Can I have a picture of him for my background? ... or the one with the hair that I liked the first time around, or the lady with the impressive amount of white hair, I like her profile, or... oh goodness...

When I had the internet on my phone, I could go to this site and upload the photos to my phone... but I can't without paying a pretty sum, but I can enjoy it when I'm on my computer.

~smirks~ Candy keeps bumping into me, I think she wants to see the images again, and when I expand the side to show the Original Post, it failed to show the image, only [photo], bah.

Anywho- I'm heading out to the shoppe for awhile, help Stevie out.

Enjoy your Saturday, my dearest love.


Rowanrose said...

I've been peeking on here for a few weeks and finally decided to log in and do this for real.

Everything looks wonderful! I am so excited- this show is going to be wonderful.

Is it wrong that I'm already picking the piece that I'm snatching up before the opening???