Friday, September 28, 2012

New StoryKeepers

I felt a few new StoryKeepers were in order~ and with some color suggestions from some good friends I ended up with two Keepers (green- Camrin and lightblue - Wintory/Tory) and one little StoryKeeper Peep (Saffron). You may notice both Keepers have an Egg~ well :D when they hatch..... ;D
StoryKeepers are primarily word muses - they inspire a gambit of writers - from those who pen the manual for your microwave - to those who write the stories in your favorite books. But they are little muses - they help writers out with little things - a sentence here - a paragraph there - sometimes a whole greeting card! They cover all subjects and areas - science to fiction. They are most helpful for that very first sentence of a story. Some do have wings - most have tails and come in many sizes and shapes- all carry a little book or a pack of scrolls with them at all times - where they keep their own personal musings and doodles.


Fuego Fatuo said...

I love the green one! >.<

Wayward Harper said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! They have such life :D