Friday, October 5, 2012

Brume - Allhallows Eve StoryKeeper

I always plan on making Halloween themed dolls... zombie sheep - monsters - demons - extra creepy critters... but then I always think about creating these just as Halloween is approaching and by the time anyone sees them - I suspect the holiday will have come and gone. Last year I finished two 'Tim Burton' creatures and a moon/bunny/witch~ This year: I have Brume (another word for Fog)... I wanted to avoid making her outfit orange and black or too overtly Halloween... instead focusing on the idea that she herself has been seeped in the world of the strange and other worldly... XD as if she herself wasn't... but you get my drift, eh? Maybe next year I'll get to Zombie Sheep @_#; Baaaaaahraaaains~
Brume is a collector of obscure and arcane tales - anything mysterious and she is there to record it. Known for inspiring fireside storytellers and tongue tied palm readers~ she especially enjoys the holiday of Halloween; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve or Candy Day - as most Keepers refer to it.

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